Avigdor Lieberman and the future of Israel

Avigdor Lieberman will likely go down in Israeli history as the one man and issue that caused a follow up national election within months of a previous election. Without taking sides he, as a national figure who represents a fair amount of Israeli citizens, should take responsibility for what he is about to do to his and our country. His actions will cause an additional and unnecessary cost of billions of shekels for the new election itself and the subsequent loss to the economy, aside from the disruption to our government’s operation.

Mr. Lieberman seems to have represented his constituency well and probably will continue to do so however his actions are very self-centered. His demand to have a particular law passed as is might be correct however since that is causing such a catastrophe in the country he has a duty to put the interests of the country ahead of his own interests. True that the Charedi faction is also adamant in wanting a change to the law however, Liberman should suggest that the two sides sit down and work out a compromise. In a compromise, each side has to give a little towards the other and that can be very painful and frustrating but for the good of the country, that’s what is needed. Imagine that just one prospective law’s two sides are causing all the trouble. If Liberman and the Charedi representatives would only put aside their egos and act like a “mench” this whole problem could be over with rapidly.

About the Author
M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.