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I do not understand the fear expressed by many Jewish authorities that some Jews may stop worshiping at synagogues and collaborating with any of Jewish organizations, and even begin associating themselves with other religions. This fear is justified only if the Torah and Judaism are understood as the foundation for only the religious rituals and way of life that separate the Jews from the others. With this understanding, the almighty-powerful ideas of the Torah are being used only for maintaining one more religion for one more human tribe, the religion of Judaism for the Jews, like what all other religions are all about.

However, that is not what the Torah is all about – that is not what Abraham and Moses had in mind.

Abraham found One God who is the God for everybody, the Jews and Gentiles, and initiated the spiritual process of substituting many pagan gods that had divided the humans into many antagonistic tribes murdering each other by One God who had begun the process of unifying all humans in one community of peacefully competing tribes.

Moses received from One God the Rules for this process of unification codified in the Torah. Since the Rules were given by One God who is God for everybody, they were given to everybody – given to all tribes through one of them the Jewish tribe which was found by One God to be the best for helping the other tribes to learn and understand the Rules.

Since the times of Abraham and Moses the Jewish tribe was working along the lines of the God’s guidance in the Torah (or God guides the Jews to do so) by creating competing schools/yeshivas with great teachers/rabbis, and by imbedding their own representatives into the Gentiles tribes to help them redirect their pagan-variety traditions toward the One-God-guided traditions. Of course, the redirection efforts create the understandable resistance that is called the anti-Semitism.

Here just a reminder what we the Jews, following the Jewish God’s mission, have created for the others – what could not be done without our “imbedding” into the other tribes – the spiritual weekly day of rest; the determination to “beat the swords into plowshares and the spears into pruning hooks”; the understanding of the value of universal literacy and education; the acceptance of the concept of infinite value of every human life and equal justice for all; “the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” as declared in the USA Constitution; and in a more practical way – many things in science, technology, economics, finances, health that have improved immensely the wellbeing of all.

Some names of those “imbedded Jews” are well known – from Joseph in the ancient Egypt to, what many may not like, Jared and Ivanka Kushner of our times; the names of the others, for example the Crypto-Jews, may not be well known.

Thus, if we still trust One God and the Torah, we should not fear the Jews who have imbedded themselves into the Gentile tribes – that is what One God and the Torah (or their God-given genetics) guide them to do. However, to make their efforts effective, our majority that remain faithful to our own internal faith, traditions and institutions – in Israel and everywhere else around the world – must begin building bridges to each other and stop internal spiritual massacres to let everybody clearly see what are our Jewish Good and Bad outside our internal faith, traditions and institutions.

What I have described here is supported not only by the history lessons but by the life trials of my family, my numerous Jewish friends and of millions of the Soviet/Russian Jews who had remained strongly Jewish and had been influencing Soviet/Russian life without synagogues and rabbis, without any secular Jewish institutions, without any Jewish education – just genetically.

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.
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