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Balak – Everyday Alchemy: The Fundamentals Of Inner Transformation

“How goodly are thy tents O Jacob, thy dwellings, O Israel.” “Ma tovu ohalecha Yaakov mishk’nosecha Yisroel.” Read the Hebrew words and the melody just pops into your head. This verse is said upon entering a synagogue, it’s part of the daily Morning Prayer, and even if you don’t recite it, you surely know it, because it’s one of the most famous verses in the Torah and it’s in this week’s Torah portion, “Balak”.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS POST

Be Kind To Yourself

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Hanna Perlberger is an attorney, author, and spiritual coach. Her articles have appeared in numerous Jewish publications, and you can follow her weekly blog at PositiveParsha. Hanna's newly released book, "A Year of Sacred Moments: The Soul Seeker's Guide to Inspired Living," which blends Torah with Positive Psychology and coaching, offers readers a fresh optimistic perspective and way to find personal meaning and engagement with the weekly Torah portion. Hanna and her husband Naphtali, lead workshops for couples to take their marriage to a whole new level. Hanna also coaches women to unlock their potential to live inspired and create positive change.
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