Esor Ben-Sorek

Balfour. Balfour. Free at Last.

We have been faced with many enemies but our present danger is not Hamas and not Iran. Our danger is right here in our own home. The enemies are the Netanyahu’s and the political prostitutes who make and then break their promises and commitments.

We are no longer deserving of being called “am kadosh” for we have lost our God-intended role of being a holy nation and a holy people. We are no longer either of them.

Netanyahu and the Likud have attempted to“convert” Nir Orbach of the Yamina party and entice him, at what price was not known, to defect from Naftali Bennett’s party and to join the right-wing party of liars. In the very end, they did not succeed and Orbach remains loyal to Bennett.

Hamas and Iran are external enemies of Israel and the Jewish people but Netanyahu’s government are our internal enemies bent on a policy which has failed to produce the needs and desires of our nation.

In our daily prayers we read that God has commanded us to slaughter our enemies. It cannot mean only physical slaughter but more important, emotional slaughter. Our internal political enemies must be slaughtered by our ballots and by the will of the majority of devoted and dedicated citizens of Israel.

The current scene is not to be tolerated. Our rebellion must overcome it. Messengers of evil must be forbidden to visit schools and to tell young children “your father is a traitor. Your father must be killed and we are going to kill him”. Is there a nation, a society, a people anywhere in God’s kingdom who would act like these monsters who frighten young and small innocent children?

Hundreds of the Netanyahu/Likud circus of clowns surround the homes of anti-Netanyahu politicians with their loud shouts and large poster signs accusing those within their homes of treason and demanding severe punishment upon them.

Our holy nation has become un-holy with few or none to purify it. The Ohana police, “married” to the prime minister, do little or nothing to protect those who defy him and his right-wing autocracy.

But heaven has heard our cry for freedom and redemption. Balfour, Balfour street is free at last. After twelve years it will be purified and cleansed from the family who is about to evacuate from it. Hurrah!

The present government, no longer popular, will be destroyed by our voices which must be heard from north to south, from east to west, from sea to sea until a hateful government is drowned in the sea of protests.

“Asher bachar banu mikol am”… who has chosen us from ALL nations (people)… is our war-cry. God has chosen us to be His people, not the puppets of the Likud but rather the giants of Torah love.

Our people must make their voices heard louder and mightier. We are not a nation of prostitutes. The family who rules over us are our enemies who must be humiliated in order to preserve the sanity of our people and the security of our beloved nation.

Where in all the days of my mature life I have proclaimed with much joy and delight my happiness and thankfulness of being a citizen of the State of Israel, I now feel more immensely proud of a citizenry who had the courage to rid us of a tyrant.

God be thanked that we have a newly-elected brilliant, loving and devoted president Yitzchak Herzog. We can now also rejoice in the election of our new prime minister and a party of faithful servants to our people… all of our people. Naftali Bennett is pure as fallen snow. There are no stains upon him. Truth and only truth are his spoken words. Listening to him in a recent interview I was inspired and enthusiastically delighted to be part of our nation with Naftali Bennett at the helm of government. Israel will once again be glorious. And we will forever be free of the Netanyahu autocracy, of the “me, me and I” selfish politician.

We have not succeeded, under the Netanyahu reign, of conquering and eliminating Hamas terrorists from our southern border nor Lebanese Hezbollah who threaten us from the north. We have not succeeded in conquering the poverty among us which strikes tens of thousands of our hungry and homeless people. We have not eliminated racial hatred which divides us.

In fact, what we have accomplished is keeping a selfish, arrogant prime minister in office for the past twelve years. It is now high time for us to shout out our “bye bye Bibi” welcome cries of joy. Balfour, Balfour… free at last. A new family. New residents. New government. New hope. New pride.

I have never met a Hamas terrorist, thank God. I have never known an Iranian. I have rather been blessed to know my fellow citizens of Israel, people whom I respect, admire, and yes… truly love.

Our present disappointment in our country can only be cleansed and washed away when the vocal cries of our people against the Likud/Netanyahu government have removed them from high office permanently and a new, true crew of honest and devoted politicians can assume the heavy reigns of government.

I certainly pray that we will live to see a strong and unified new government striving to redeem us from the past and refresh us, our hopes and our dreams. Am Yisrael chai. The people of Israel lives. And the State of Israel must live. And live in honesty and dignity not for themselves but for the people and nation they are chosen to serve.

Hamas and Iran are our external enemies. The internal Netanyahu-Likud gang are not our friends. They lived only for themselves and had forgotten about the rest of us… nine million caring and loyal citizens.

Thanks to Almighty God and the magnificent citizens of our country our prayers have risen to heaven. The out-going residents of Balfour street have been eliminated from harming us and from vilifying the great name of our great country.

Balfour, Balfour. After twelve miserable years… free at last.

With a new president, a new prime minister, a new government, we pray for the success of a new Israel.

And may the God of Israel, asher bachar banu, who has chosen us, hear our prayers and protect us from all harm… external and definitely internal. Amen.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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