Ban Ki-Moon – War Criminal

It is easy to accuse war criminals after they are dead. It is easy to accuse perpetrators of crimes after their disgrace has become notorious and they have been defeated. It is easy to point out war criminals that are no longer relevant such as Hitler and his cronies, who murdered not only six million Jews but also millions of other victims throughout the world.

The world makes it easier for itself by pointing a finger at criminals who perpetrated the most horrific crimes against others. It does so because it is easy to find the guilty parties, and it is convenient for human conscience to say that it condemns the perpetrators, thus relieving itself of guilt. However, the biggest crime that was committed against the Jewish people is not only the responsibility of the Nazis and their collaborators, of Hitler and his cronies, but also of those who enabled this crime. Their silence provided legitimization for the heinous crime of genocide.

Hitler invaded the Sudetenland with the complicity of Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the “hero of world peace”, the man who allegedly prevented war and saved the world. Hitler did what Chamberlain and his supporters enabled him to do, with many partnerships all over the world – some of which stood by his side with in full cooperation and others in acquiescence.

All the Holocaust museums that were established throughout the world allegedly to shock people about the crime of genocide – are a fig leaf designed to hide the shame of the world, which by its silence cooperated with the Nazis in their heinous crimes. Britain that closed the gates of Palestine to the refugees and immigrants, other countries who turned back Jews to the furnaces and refused to allow them to escape the Nazi regime, and all western nations that allowed the concentration camps to exist and hid their existence from the eyes of the world – were the ones that allowed the horrible killing machine to carry out its nefarious intentions.

The present-day Neville Chamberlain is Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Chamberlain appeased the Nazis, was wary of their honor, and acquiesced to their various demands, which eventually led to the outbreak of WW2. Nowadays, Ban Ki-Moon is clearly backing fundamentalist powers. And we say, who has appointed you, sir, to support Hamas, which fires thousands of rockets at innocent civilians? Who has appointed you to allow your organization’s schools and clinics to harbor a war arsenal of rockets and mortars surrounded by children, which are then fired directly at Israel? Who has appointed you to your lofty position to cover up for an international terror organization that has breached the cease-fires that you yourself have suggested, and used them to shoot at and kill innocent civilians? Who has appointed you, sir, to stand before the world that does not know the facts and conceal the fact that you and your people have handed over to the terrorists rockets that were consequently fired at Israel?

You and your colleagues have not been heard for the past three years as 200,000 people were killed in Syria and thousands more in Iraq. Not a word of support was uttered by you for the 50 million Kurds, whose rights have been abused and who have been persecuted and killed for many years. No words of condemnation are heard at the UN for the various political constellations of allies that pretend to speak for justice.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, many of us consider you a war criminal for your silence, for your weakness, for your helplessness to support the righteous and the attacked, even if the malicious coalition that schemes against us could help you to attain your lofty position once again. Your institutions are ridiculous in our global reality. The Human Rights Commission, of which Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya are members, does not add dignity to you or to your organization.

I speak in the name of a nation that fears for the lives of its children, but is not indifferent to human lives among its neighbors. In my family, people have given their lives to protect Palestinian children.

You are serving the powers of evil and suffering in a world that is gradually succumbing to terror organizations and their murderous intentions. An organization that accumulates offensive rather than defensive weapons to attack innocent people, an organization that builds terror tunnels to endanger civilian populations – these are the reasons your organization was established. You are betraying the true principles by condemning a nation that is fighting for its life rather than people who attack and murder others.

Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations, it is a failure of all us that an elected leader, whose mandate is to bring peace to the world, seems to so many of us to be a war criminal.




About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center