Bargaining for peace

Looking at this week’s events with Netanyahu wanting to release terrorists in order to move along the peace process really baffles me.
The reason I admire Netanyahu is because he’s always stood his ground and not allowed anyone or anything to stand in the way even with the UN or EU on his back. I really feel this is a step back for him as well as the state of Israel. We have seen so many of these peace agreements and look where it has gotten us, absolutely nowhere. Let’s look recently to Cast Lead where a treaty was signed to prevent rockets been fired into Israel, that lasted two hours and for the past month now there has been continuous rocket fire.

People have been asking me do I ever think that a peace agreement can work and my answer has simply been no. unfortunately almost all the Arab countries are under terrorist rule and this is where the problems lie. These terrorist organisations just want to kill the Jews. If it were really about land then there would already be a peace solution as Israel has already given up most of its land. Israel is about a third maybe less than what it used to and should be. We can look back at every time Israel has given up land for peace and except for Egypt we need to be honest with ourselves and say there has not been and never will be peace.

I really admire and commend what Egypt’s military are doing. They have seen the need to over throw these terrorist organisations. They have finally seen the light and understand where the problem lies. I wish the rest of the countries would see this to.

I was watching a video on YouTube of this little Arab boy in Egypt and he talking to the media about freedom. He starts by saying that how you can call this country free when woman are abused your wife must obey the husband. If you disagree and argue he can beat you. He carries on commenting on how no one truly has the right to vote as the election gets rigged anyway, everyone has to believe in one religion. Believe it or not this kid in 10 years old. He understands what’s going on so how come no one else can. Why is America so afraid to go to war with every other country but they don’t want to step foot for justice in any of these Arab countries.

I respect and admire Netanyahu for all he does and has done but releasing terrorists once again is not the way to go. I can’t imagine being at home sitting around the table with my family and the news is on the TV and breaking news have the prime minister telling us how they will be releasing terrorists in order for peace. The very same people who have caused us pain, taken away our fathers, mothers, sister, brothers, and cousins for no reason other than baseless hatred are being freed in hope that there will be peace when history has shown us that this is not possible. How do you explain this to your kids? How can you sleep at night knowing that people who belong behind bars have just been given a slap on the wrist and told they are free?

We need to start learning from our past and stop trying to be liberal about everything. Yes we all want peace but in this day and age it’s just not possible as long as these terrorist organisations still exist. It scares me to think that when these people are released Gaza and Judea and Samaria will be celebrating while the people of Israel will be reloading mourning and preparing for a bloody future. As they will be constantly thinking about these people who have been released and counting down the days till they strike again.

We need to pray and thank those brave men and woman of the IDF who are still children standing on the borders to protect us. Because they are the true victims as their jobs have just become more dangerous, but we must believe and hope and continuously pray for their safety and the arrival of Moshiach. We need to pray that one day we will live in a state where our children do not need to go the army, there is no such thing as terrorism, and we do not wake up to the sounds of a siren and the world will not know of hate and injustice.

Tel chai
Gary Aberman

About the Author
Gary Aberman is the heart of Zionist youth in South Africa, breaking the news first and getting rid of the lies. He forms part of Betar and is on a mission, to show the world how great Israel is and why he has such a love for the country he calls home.
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