Bati le-gani – I came to my garden

Bati Legani – I Came To My Garden

In memory of and inspired by the esoteric written reflection of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, obm and in honor of the interpretation by Rabbi Moishe New, stemming from Shir Hashirim- The Song of Songs


I wanted to be welcomed in My garden,

 The garden, I created for Adam and Eve.

 Yet, I retreated to the Seventh Heaven,

 As I was no longer at home in you.


I gave you all, and more, for contentment,

 I gave you Myself and you deprived yourselves

Of paradise in your ‘spirit of folly’.

How sad I was for you and, thus, for Me!


 Each one of you mean all to Me, as you are

 The very purpose for My creation.

 I created you, you and you

 To reside in each one of you, my beloved.


 I waited for so very many earth years

 For Abraham, my devoted child, to call

 That he was ready to leave from himself

And his place of birth for the journey,


To the country, to which I would give him,

To the land, where his descendants would live,

 If they would hearken to My instructions.

 It then took seven generations more.


from Abraham, seven generations

to Moses and then forty more years

Of travail and striving, moral loss and gain

 To return to the land, promised to Abraham.


 I then returned to My beloved garden

 In the Sanctuary, which Moses fulfilled,

 And had had brought to the land from deep within     

Himself, thus, transmitted by my faithful servant.


My presence, therefore, remains forever, here

Waiting, always waiting, for you, my beloved

 To welcome Me, deep within your spirit,

 For you and I to reflect, forever,


that I am within you; and you have made

 a place for Me, within your Holy Spirit; 


Never for us to depart from each other.

You are precious to Me; and the garden home

In which We reside together, is the One

for which I created it all, to reside


Here in the Eternal now,

The Home, in which I can fulfill all, for you,

As was meant, in My desire for creation,

When I set out to give you My Paradise.

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.
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