Batman with a Keffiyeh

Feast your five senses upon this possibility. There is really no God. Homo sapiens invented Him for comfort and hope. Instead, we got wars, death, violence, and terror.

You want me to find God, show me those terrorists that burn instantly, not in hell in another Galaxy. If not, waste not my time.

If I am right (insurance “if”), are cartoons, the art of applying mind to pen and pen to emotions, really worth Islam to double down on wars? Is war against infidels at home not enough for you?

Do Cartoons of Mohammad really matter when you are trying to marry a daughter or give birth to one? What is wrong with our race and our religion? Why do we always screw up our priorities?

Cave dwellers, like the Chiropterans, rely on their sonar sensory to find light in the dark. Some of us Muslim cave dwellers rely on blindness to see our way around self-indulged darkness. No one cares when we bounce off walls and drop dead, but why ricochet others into the same fate?

No ten-year old should be asking the question: “Mom, why did the Muslims kill the cartoonists? I love cartoons.” Mom is crying. Dad is angry. The terrorists are unrepentant.

Marvel Comics has a responsibility to influence with a new Mohammadian hero helping Muslims foil violence; a Batman with a Keffiyeh. Oh, and call the character Keffayah or Enough, if Arabic is rusty.

The West has Batman, we have Keffayah. In Arabic. Get me Marvel? Then get off your asses.

As “Clark”, Keffayah is a cartoonist named… Mohammad. Imagine the possibilities.

Look Ma, Mohammad draws his own pictures. Wage war by freeing their children.

Why do we care about someone drawing a cartoon? Did Mohammad read in the Koran “No cartoons allowed?” Hell NO. The Koran does not even forbid images.

God? What God if we invent words He did not say? In His name, we kill for cartoons that make Him laugh. Humorless chimps that we are.

Keffayah… Coming to a camel stand near you.