BDS; belligerently declining sensibility.

The truth the BDS movement doesn’t want to admit is that they aren’t willing to give up the technologies Israel and the Jews of the world have brought to them. They want to LOOK “politically correct”, but aren’t willing to make the personal sacrifices to put their “convictions” into practice.

They would need to give up cellphones (originally developed by Motorola Israel) and computers (powered by chips made by Intel Israel), Microsoft products, Scandisk products, Java products, instant messaging, antiviral software, HP Indigo products, Anobit flash products (goodbye Apple products!), Waze, PS3, drip irrigation, even cherry tomatoes!

IDE desalinazation plants developed by Israel provide water to over 40 countries, better stop drinking tap and locally bottled water if your water supply is supplemented by an IDE plant. If you live in these countries no tap or locally bottled water for you because the Israeli technology TaKaDu is protecting your local water infrastructure: Chile, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Columbia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and coming soon to Singapore and Los Angeles.

The Wind Tulip turbine is off limits, IDE snow makers supplement snow in Austria and Switzerland (no more skiing!) IDE cooling systems in the deepest Gold mine in South Africa (give up buying any gold mined from SA), Solar windows, If you live in California and use power from PG&E or SCE no electricity for you because it’s supplemented by Brightsource solar grids. If you live in the UK districts of the Midlands, SouthWest and Wales no electricity for you because the GridOn suppressor is installed on the WPD grid.

You can’t drive any of these cars manufactured after 2013; BMW, GM, Volvo, Hyundai, Ford, or Citroen because Mobileye is a standard install. You can’t shave with Epilady, or eat Max Brenner chocolates, the video game Paranormal Activity is Israeli developed so no fun for you.  Don’t play Rummikub. Don’t watch Power Rangers or buy those toys for your kids and don’t watch Homeland. No DogTV for your pet, no IntelliGym for your athletes.

No MR Guided Focused Ultrasound, no Copaxone, no Sambucol, no pillcam, there’s a huge list of new medically related products that will improve those suffering from cancer, Parkinsons, COPD, paralysis, autism, depression, various addictions, heart disease and sleep disorders, be sure to check with your doctor before you get those benefits. Don’t use Babysense monitors to warn of SIDs.  It’s a good thing those who treated Gabrielle Giffords were not BDS followers because her life was saved by using the Israeli developed Emergency Bandage. You can’t benefit from Bioconnections superbug identifiers, or the LIteTouch dental Laser, oh and no Polio vaccine or LASIK surgery. No Birth control pills, no vaccines for Cholera, the Bubonic plague or Viral Hepatitis, and no Valium.

If you live in Central Europe you better stop driving on roads with traffic lights, CE-Traffic is using the Israeli DeCell technology to monitor and regulate traffic throughout central Europe.

You’ll have to stop watching TV if you’re using one of these providers: SKY UK Ireland, Direct TV USA, Viasat (Scandinavia), SKY Italia, Sky Brazil, Sky Network Television (New Zealand), Foxtel (Australia), Airtel DigitalTV (India), Tata Sky & Hathway (DVB-C) (India), Astro (Malaysia), D Smart (Turkey), TotalTV (Balkan), ONO (Spain), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, China Central Television, SBB (Serbia), Telewizja Polska (Poland) and KabelBW (Germany), Vivacom (Bulgaria), Dolce (Romania), STAR TV/Fox International Channels (Asia), Cignal Digital TV (Philippines), Aora TV (Indonesia), Telecom Italia, OTAU TV (Kazakhstan), OTE TV (Greece) because these all use the NDS VideoGuard encryption system from Israel.

Really I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

There have been 34 Jewish Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, 55  Jewish Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine, and 52 Jewish Nobel Laureates in Physics.  Considering we comprise 2% of the world population that’s an amazing number of people dedicating their lives to learning and the betterment of mankind.

Can you imagine the world today without our contributions.. oh, I can tell you what that would look like: Islam

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