Asaf Shimoni
Asaf Shimoni

BDS: Boycott ‘Zionists’/SS: Do not look at Jews’ faces because they will trick you into making you think they are human

A woman speaking on a program about Orthodox feminism on Israeli television this week said that by looking at the other’s face you confirm his or her existence. When German soldiers were ordered to slaughter Jews they became crazy so a directive was given to SS’s not to look at the faces of those they were shooting. Otherwise the Jews would trick them into thinking they were also human.

The BDS movement uses the same ploy. By boycotting Israel people are not able to relate with Israelis and they are more likely to be convinced by propaganda which makes no sense.

Also, Jewish activists who protest against the “occupation” and loudly criticize Israel do not have the faintest idea what they are talking about. And they should at least protest against the BDS movement if they are committed to Jewish values.

Protestors know all about “Netanyahu’s Israel”

In a recent opinion piece in The Jerusalem Post (From Pro-AIPAC to Protestor) Jesse Rabinowitz wrote: “Trump’s hope for a wall and a ban on Muslims should sound familiar to those who know Netanyahu’s Israel. These hateful policies have created a Jewish community in which “I Stand with Israel” signs are hung unquestioningly, but “Black Lives Matter” signs are too political. These are not the Jewish values with which I was raised…

I’m honored to be in this minyan, community and movement with thousands of brave, young, proud Jews standing up to oppose the occupation. It is my prayer that together, we build a Jewish community that rejects border walls in all forms, proudly asserts that Black Lives Matter, and works on behalf of freedom and dignity for all people.”

Does he have any idea what he is talking about?

For one, not even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Israel his personal domain (whether he desires this is another point). And how well does Mr Rabinowitz know “Netanyahu’s Israel”? Does he speak the language and tour the country? He does not give any indication of ever having lived or spent any time in Israel. How does he know how people think?

Do black lives really matter?

If he truly believes that ‘Black Lives Matter’ (although looking at a person as a black first and human being is racist by definition – if you accept yourself you have no problem in Israel) then why does Mr Rabinowitz ignore the following?:

Blacks in Libya are being sold as slaves by Arab Muslims who believe this is in accordance with their faith. Many blacks fled genocide by Arab Muslims (Darfur). In the Palestinian Territories and Gaza there are no black members of parliament, television personalities or soldiers since blacks are considered inferior. Yet the finger is pointed at Israel because there are problems with integration which are unavoidable.

So the attention of the world media tends to overlook slavery and the butcher of blacks because of their skin color by Arabs due to an obsession with Israel. Apparently those who shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ are more interested in polemics and could care less about real people.

Apartheid state = 0% Jews?

And what does a “ban on Muslims” have to do with Israel? Something like 16% of Israeli citizens are Muslims compared to 0% Jews in the Palestinian Territories, Gaza and most Arab countries. How is Israel an apartheid state?

While hundreds of thousands are murdered, tortured and raped in Syria and Iraq idealistic Jews are demonstrating against Israel, where people scream at one another. If a kid attempts to split soldiers’ heads open by throwing stones and a soldier pulls him by the ear cameras are on the ready to show the world how children are abused by Israeli soldiers. In the Netherlands there are young Muslims who believe that Israeli soldiers kill thousands of Arab children every day.

Jew killers are martyrs and Israeli soldiers are child killers?

When a Palestinian terrorist arrives to kill any Jew he or she can find the world media often portrays the terrorist as a martyr. If he or she kills a soldier everyone knows that the murderer will probably receive a lifetime sentence in an Israeli prison and then be released along with a hundred others in exchange for an Israeli soldier. But more coverage is given to soldiers “abusing” kids who throw stones and petrol bombs than to the large-scale butchery being carried out in neighboring countries.

Women in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Territories are sometimes threatened by honor killings. This is why Palestinian females commit suicide attacks in Israel, so they will be “martyrs” instead of “shaming” their families. Gay and transgender Arabs flee to Israel. Why is Israel portrayed as less progressive?

Start-Up Palestine?

Israel is known as the Start-Up Nation and there are many Arabs in Israeli universities. How many Jews study in the Arab world or in the Palestinian Territories? Not one.

Half of Isreal’s inhabitants are Holocaust survivors or their descendants and the other half are those – or their families – who were born in Muslim countries or the Former Soviet Union. The latter have a greater tendency to vote for the present government. Does Mr Rabinowitz sincerely believe that they should trust Hamas and the Palestinian Authority? Who knows less about the situation?

Thousands of “young and proud Jews” have a better idea?

Let’s hope that “these thousands of brave, young and proud Jews” come to Israel, speak with all parties involved, and then inform us about how we can arrive at an agreement with the Palestinians and the Arab world.

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Asaf Shimoni is an author, journalist and translator who returned to Israel in 2016 after spending 40 years abroad, most of them in the Netherlands. He grew up near Boston, made aliyah while living on a kibbutz (from 1973 to 1976), and graduated from Syracuse University in 1978. He also lived some 5 years in Sicily. He is currently in Amsterdam to sort our affairs. He believes that the media should be as critical and truthful as possible.
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