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The Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) claims to want peace. They call for the boycotting of Israeli products and “ask nicely” for artists to boycott Israel. They say they want to “end the occupation of Palestine by the Zionist regime”,which is a nice way of saying they want Israel gone.

The biggest problem I have with the BDS is their bipolar nature. On one hand they call for a complete academic boycott of Israel, while one of their founders attends Tel Aviv University. They say they are non violent, yet they praise attacks against Israelis, esp Jewish Israelis. They say they want one state for all, but donot offer any solutions to achieve this.

The BDS is an Anti Semitic movement. Their ONLY goal is to destroy the Jewish state. Boycotts, by their definition, are racist. The Nazi boycotted Jewish businesses. The kingdom of Iraq boycotted Jewish businesses. Throughout history, Jews have been targeted for boycotts. These


Boycotts have led to horrible acts of violence against the Jews. If some in the BDS have their way, that will happen again.

PS..I was mistaken. Ali Abunimah did NOT say the quote I attributed to him. I was another people and he was on the tweet. My apologies to Mr. Abunimah.

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