Be brave Mr. Trump!

News of US attack against Syrian regime hit the media hard but seems like most people have ignored the underlying cause and the main reason Trump ordered this attack.

Syrian anti-aircraft systems and missiles shot down an Israeli fighter jet and that is against every rule and regulation that defines international relations. Israel tried to help Syrian people and got rewarded with a shower of missiles and rockets and bullets, no good deed goes unpunished as it seems.

US had to respond to such an unreasonable and ungrateful act and they did it but the thing that makes my head spin is their deceit and dishonesty in stating the true reason behind the attack!

Trump acts like a confident president who knows what to do and does it without getting frustrated because some people object, so why can’t he just admit the truth and say he did this in Israel’s support? What is he afraid of?
I admire Trump for this attack because he had said Obama’s attack on Syria was foolish and now he has done it himself, not out of foolishness but out of a necessity to help and support Israel which is the closest ally the US has, but covering up the true reason and making it look like something else, that I don’t get.

I think Mr. Trump has some untrustworthy associates and consultants and he has to get rid of such cowards and hire those who are not afraid to show their support for Israel and her peaceful agenda no matter what others might say.

About the Author
John H. Turner is from NYC, United States. He is a Villanova University student and a strong Republican. He voted for Trump.