Be brave, the Khameneists are coming

Aryn Baker, Time Magazine Middle East Bureau Chief, has a new article entitled “To Syria’s Revolutionaries, Assad Isn’t Looking So Bad After All” in which she tells us the story of Souad Nawfal who escaped to Turkey the oppression and beatings of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) well entrenched in Raqqa. She also recounts the changing of the mind of an unknown Syrian living in Tartous, an Assad’s stronghold and the city port where Russia calls home.

There is no doubt that groups, like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, who have fought our battles because the Obama Administration has chosen not to arm the liberal-minded Free Syrian Army, have become a danger to Syria’s future. There is no doubt that many Syrians reject the Islamists and their terror in favor of a more stable environment free from any tyranny. Why and how these Jihadists poured into Syria, you have to ask Barack Obama, Baschar al-Assad, and Ayatollah Khamenei. All three have led to the destruction of the fabric of Syria.

The President of the United States failed, with all the intelligence he has access to and the experience of the CIA, to foresee the problems of extreme Islam taking hold when Obama refused to arm the Free Syrian Army liberal-minded rebels who started defecting beginning of September of 2011. Either that or he intentionally did not assist the FSA because he was obsessing over a deal with Iran he finally was able to conclude. Any way you slice it, Barack Obama has altered the fate of tens of millions of people in favor of a deal with their oppressors and tyrants.

For those using Obama and Mandela in the same sentence, don’t you dare repeat your words! Mr. Obama does not even share one DNA with Nelson Mandela. In fact, he would be the US President who struck a deal with the Apartheid Government of South Africa the way he struck a deal with the terror Government of Iran.

Baschar al-Assad destroyed Syria for posting on YouTube videos (18+ – Quite bloody) showing his forces beating and killing civilians while cursing their Islam. Why would a regime post its atrocious behavior for the world to see? No one asks these questions. Those videos were intended to invite the Jihadists to Syria, which would have created an international outrage sure to favor Assad’s regime of terror. Aryn Baker’s article is like a master symphony Assad wrote for her with the blood of the innocent Syrians who suffered long before the Jihadists arrived to Syria.

Ayatollah Khamenei destroyed Syria by sending his brutal Quds fighters and snipers to kill civilian pregnant women he knew the rebels would expose to further complicate the sectarian divide and recruit more Jihadists. It also helped Khamenei establish Iran as a superpower in the region, which sealed that transfer from the US when Obama signed the deal with him.

Anyone who tells me that the terror of Iran, Assad, and Hezbollah against their own people and those of others will subside because of the deal Mr. Obama struck with Khamenei needs to take a closer look at the big picture. Why do Assad and Khamenei want the US out of the region? Will Iran simply play nice with everyone now or will it build on its momentum to expand further? These are quintessential questions to ask.

As I have said often in the past, the world community can defeat the Jihadists in Syria with few sustained drone attacks, no one will object to, after Assad is deposed, but we cannot defeat the expansionist terror of Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah with the same drones if we obsess over the pants of Ms. Nawfal.  The Axis of Evil is far more dangerous than few thousand Islamists the UN lends no protection to and whose access to UN vetoes are non-existent. Exactly the opposite of what the terrorists in Iran and Syria have access to with Russia standing by them.

We need to let the rebels defeat Assad for us and then move-in to defeat them with drones to give Syria a chance to break the Khamenei cycle of violence. All the Arab friendly countries, like Saudi Arabia, would support the transfer to a stable and liberal Syrian Government.

We let our weaker enemy defeat our stronger enemy using methods Russia will veto if we act directly, then we move-in to defeat our weaker enemy using methods the world will favor under any circumstance. It’s like the Fool’s Mate Mr. Obama.

Why the US media and so many people fail to understand this simple concept is beyond me, unless the purpose of Time Magazine, and others, is to support President Obama regardless of the long-term irreversible consequences of his bad policies.

If we let go of Assad now, we might as well forget the whole region.

I say to you all, be brave, the Khameneists are coming.

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