Be Happy: Heavenly Sounds for Succoth

There are hard days for happiness. Our planet’s leaders, Donald Trump, who, like it or not,  heads the physical world, and  Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, who heads the spiritual one, are both down with COVID.

The future looks hazy if not bleak.

Yet it’s Succoth. Zeman Simchateinu, our season of joy when the mitzvah of the day, is to be happy.

But with people dying and governments and economies crashing how can anyone be happy now?

This mitzvah is for all time. According to the mystics, This is the time to stockpile our happiness allotment’ for the entire year so we’ve got to try.

Here’s a three-minute happiness fix get you started featuring the amazing  Platt Brothers superstar bro Ben and his less known but also uber-talented sibs Henry and Jonah singing together in perfect harmony.

First offered as homemade video scoring over a million hits during the beginning of the pandemic, this song was recently re-released in an even better studio version.

This is not yet another piece of Judeo fluff. Ahavat Olam is hard-core; Its lyrics were penned over a thousand years ago by the men of the   Great Assembly with Ruach HaKodesh,  divine inspiration. It’s melody,  channeled by Gabe Mann and Piper Rutman hails from another dimension.

Here’s a  translation   “With timeless love, You have loved Your people, the house of Israel: You have taught us Torah and mitzvot, statutes and laws. Therefore, G-d as we lie down and as we rise, we shall speak of Your laws, rejoicing in the words of your Torah and in Your mitzvot forever and ever. “

This is the Jewish pledge of allegiance, beliefs collapsed into one powerful sentence.

But these guys? Though they attended Jewish schools and camps, the Platts dont look like folks you’d meet at minyan.

So how did they land on this song? I dont know, but it’s clear that this is their collective pintele Yid, the Jewish spark embedded in their DNA  is singing out and it’s sublime.   One Youtube commenter wondered if this song was on the playlist in heaven. Another mused about converting to Judaism

As we in the Holy Land tough out this holiday season at home this song can lead us to the deep joy in our hearts, the happiness that will remain no matter what.

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.
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