Be Responsible When Sharing Images on Facebook and Twitter

Terrorist organizations are bad enough – you don’t need to use falsified images to portray the horror they inspire. The real McCoy is as evil as it gets.

Active in a spontaneous and totally unsolicited Facebook Hasbara endeavor, I am furious when I see fake images being presented as Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza. Photos of dead and injured children killed in Syria and Iraq by Arabs, a particularly gruesome still from a horror movie, and most cynically, photos of the Fogel family lying dead after having been killed by Palestinian terrorists, have been shared innumerous times as if these casualties were caused by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). I never cease to sharply respond to those who post such materials.

I am equally horrified when fake images with phony titles implying that these represent the evil terrorist organizations are shared time and time again. As if the truth is not bad enough! And I sharply respond to those who post these materials as well.

Let me show just one popular example:

Be Responsible When Sharing Images on Facebook and Twitter
Be Responsible When Sharing Images on Facebook and Twitter

And here is a link to the original video from which that photo was taken: Fake image of ISIS married to 9 years old with original clip

In other words, a children’s Quran competition contestant being comforted by the moderator has been maliciously turned into something foul.

Do not let yourself be used for the promotion of erroneous materials. You can easily identify the valid from the false by using the simple image-search feature offered by Google. True, that means a bit of work; if you are not prepared to take the time to check something out, then maybe you would be best advised to forgo sharing, and perhaps even commenting, on materials you do not know for sure are real.
Here is how you can check the veracity of an image:
1. Save the image to your computer.
2. Open Google images and click on the little camera icon to the right of the search line.
3. Upload the image from your computer using the upload tool that appears.
4. Explore the results of the search.
Try it for the image I used in this post and you will see how it works.

Don’t be part of the proliferation of false materials on the Internet. Our fight against terrorism is a good and decent fight. Let’s keep it honest as well.

About the Author
Sheri Oz, owner of, is a retired family therapist exploring mutual interactions between politics and Israeli society.