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Be That Light

Be That Light 
Photo by Leann Shamash
Be That Light Photo by Leann Shamash

Be That Light

There is a space in our hearts

where a soft light glows.

Its flame glows even when darkness surrounds us,

even when anger sweeps us up like a hurricane.

Even then.

Even now.

There is light in our hearts.

even when the despair threatens to overtake us.

There is a glimmer,

despite loss,

despite war and bitter disappointments that cause us to spiral


There is light still.

There must be.


In the cold,

when the winter of the world feels that it will last forever

and the cold north winds of people’s mouths howl,

hold onto that inner light that softly glows in you.

Do not fear.

Coax the light out from the corners of your heart.

Even if it wavers,

stoke it,

fuel it until it roars;

share from the flame which does not rest.

 Light the way for someone whose light burns dim.

Shepherd that light however you know how;

to your neighbors, to the lost, the needy

to those who seek light.

Look and you will find them.

Spread your light with all your might,

indeed, for

light is power and power is light.

May your lite shine bright.


A candle of God is the soul of man.

Proverbs 20:27

About the Author
After a career in Jewish education, Leann Shamash is the author of the blog Words Have Wings, which addresses the parsha of the week through poetry.
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