Be The Hero!

The college experience has changed. Just like the American electorate is expressing anger at the polls, we see anger on campus. However this anger originates from the Middle East.  We see incitement, screaming, shouting, threats of violence and even genocidal chanting against Israel and its Jewish population. Amazingly, this is all done under the veil of “human rights”.

And we, the ‘armchair critics,’ see these obvious lies and inconsistencies and wonder why nobody is doing anything about it.

Take for example the clever branding “the apartheid wall”.  This “wall” separates Jews in Israel from Arab populations in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).  It was an idea originating from Israel’s left (championed by former Labour leader Avram Mitzna) and co-opted by the right (former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon).  The wall was solely designed to halt the flow of suicide bombers. It worked.

Now, take a look at this video about the wall.  It’s not perfect (even has typos) but after you watch it, I will tell you why it is so amazing.

The Anti-Semitism Fence
The Anti-Semitism Fence

So, why is this video amazing? It is not that it has over 300,000 views – which is no easy feat… but even more amazing is that it was created by an amateur in just a few days.

And this is the first lesson of fighting BDS (or any other enemy of Israel) – you can do something about it… Anyone can do something about it.

Q. How do I make such a video?
A. Easy, learn the skills.

Q. How fast can I learn these skills?
A. A few days (no kidding!)

Q. What is the most important step in fighting BDS?
A. Take personal responsibility – do something about it.

Q. What has StandWithUs, CAMERA, The ZOA, Hasbara Fellowships, SSI and Israel Video Network got in common?
A. They are all taking part in an exciting and unprecedented 7-week summer program – The Onward Israel Video Activism Summer Internship.

In an effort to “do something about it”, Video Activism has put together a summer program that has pooled the talents of some of our brightest and best educators. The program is specifically designed to teach today’s students how to get Israel advocacy video skills – fast.

There is no point pretending. We know we are facing a barrage of anti-Semitism from despicable organizations that are funded by radical Middle Eastern countries.  We can take it lying down or we can fight back. I say, lets fight back. Let’s be the hero…

Onward Israel 7-Week Video Activism Summer Internship. To apply go to: VideoActivism/VideoHero
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