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Be the sheep dog

“There are three types of people in this world, sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves. Choose to be like the sheepdog and protect the flock.”

— Joshua Boone

I speak with thousands of lone soldiers, they each have their own motivations and reasons for coming and serving the Jewish People. I have never met another lone soldier with the deep sense of duty that Sergeant Joshua Boone has. I have heard him explain his need to serve his people on many occasions and he always inspires me. He was told the above line by his father, a law enforcement officer in their home state of Idaho. He lives by that sense of duty. He is the human embodiment of a sheepdog.

But why the sheepdog? And why not a wolf and why not a wolf in a pack?

The wolf’s whole existence is to prey on weaker more vulnerable animals. Its loyalty to the pack is a self-interest first and foremost. The pack provides it with security and protection, and the pack’s existence is only to perpetuate its preying on weaker prey in a more efficient manner.

The sheepdog exists in an altruistic role. It protects a flock that is not its own and that it cannot benefit from. The sheepdog exists to serve his master, the shepherd. The sheepdog’s role is to fend off attacks, risking his own safety for that of a flock he cannot eat, while the wolf tries to attack not the defender, but the defenseless sheep.

The analogy is sweet and nice but what does it truly mean. When we analyze it to a deeper level in the glasses of our world we come to a realization. The shepherd is our God, the God of Israel, the sheep are the nation of Israel and the sheepdogs are our leaders and of course, the wolves are our enemies. Our leaders’ jobs are to serve our almighty creator and protect the flock. Our leaders have the impossible task of trying to know what the shepherd wants of them and then leading the people to that place while fending off the packs of wolves that surround us.

Being the sheepdog means being a leader, a leader who will viciously defend his people when attacked, but gently nudge them back on the right path when they waver. Being the sheepdog means to sense the wolf before he appears and plans the defense before he arrives. Being the sheepdog means knowing where the flock needs to go and planning a course of action on how you intend to lead them there.

Being a sheepdog is being a true leader who has the courage to protect the flock and navigate the way forward. There is only one sheepdog on the political stage today, Moshe Feiglin, and that is why I will be supporting Zehut.

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About the Author
Ari made aliyah after completing high school in NY, served as an infantry soldier in the IDF, and is a commander in the reserves. He worked for many years with lone soldiers and promoting Zionist education. Ari is was the director of English education at Im Tirtzu and the director of housing at the lone soldier center in memory of Michael Levin. Ari has returned to the for-profit sector and is following his passion for building the land of Israel.
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