Elizabeth Browder

Be the voice for the voiceless

Imagine that you are hated because of your faith. You are called less than by the government. You have to wear a yellow star on your clothes to identify you. You cannot work or go to school. You have no property because the government has taken it. At anytime, you can be beaten or killed in the street. You can be rounded up and thrown into a train that is vastly overcrowded. Taken to a place of horrors. You could be taken to a gas chamber and put into a mass grave. Maybe you will be taken to the barracks and starved to death. Your only crime?? Being Jewish. The government wants you dead because  they claim you pollute the Aryan race by breathing. You are sent to a camp where you eventual fate could possibly be death. Your only crime? You are Jewish.

Imagine you are hated because of your sexual orientation. You are in love with someone from the same gender. The government does not approve. They arrest you and send you to the same camps where the Jews are. Your only crime?? You fell in love.

Imagine you are standing up to that government. You speak out against the hate. You help hide Jews from the police. The government does not approve. They arrest you for being a “Jew lover” and send you to the same camp where the Jews and Homosexuals are.

Now imagine in the year 2014 that same hate says what happened to you never happened. It is just a huge lie. A Jewish lie. A Zionist lie. “They Holocaust never happened”, they say. Or they tell you to “Get over it” Despite the mountain of evidence, the gas chambers, the camps, they still say it never happened. You wonder why people would say such things. You wonder why they deny what happened. It is simple: their hate blinds them. Blinds them to the evidence. They say “Jews are bad”, “Gays dont deserve to live”. This is happening now all around the Middle East and Europe. People are arrested and executed just for their faith or sexual orientation. We must not be silent. We must speak out. We must be the voice for the voiceless.

About the Author
Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.
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