Because My Strength Lies In History

It’s always awkward when one hits a writers block. All of a sudden words and concepts that flowed freely before seem to become dammed up within you.

You get an idea and then disregard it, you find it hard to single in on just one thing. So much is going on in the world, so much I have an opinion on and yet no matters on which I felt I had anything really important to say that hasn’t been expressed in a far more elegant fashion by my peers.

So I scoured the internet looking for inspiration. Eventually I found it in reading responses to other peoples commentary.

There were people online who support Israel, but many of their arguments were emotional in nature .

(The contradiction here between what I said should be done with the “Israel” narrative in my first blog should be ignored for now)

And so, seeing as my true talent lies in history I decided to try and write a concise, accurate, relevant and most importantly brief list of the dates and events that are important in trying to explain the ownership of the land of Israel. Why the presence of the Jews has been beneficial to everyone and why no one seems to care.

These are the major dates during which Israel established its rights to the conquered territories according to the articles of war (Page 3), defended itself from genocide and survived against all odds.

(Sources will be provided by Hyperlink. no Wikipedia links. An even shorter list will appear at the end for anyone who just wants the highlights.)

The first date is 135 AD, around the time of the Bar Kochba rebellion, Rome changes the name of the country from “Judea” to “Syria Palestinia”.

We then move on to  637 A.D., when Muslim armies conquered Jerusalem – yes, that’s right, an imperial conquest of the Jewish homeland by a foreign power.

Over a thousand years Forwards we move now to 1919 the Ottoman Empire fell apart and its lands were divided between the French and the British, the British ending up getting the unenviable task of playing mother to the Jews and the Arabs.

In 1923, after the European Jewish immigration was taking its toll in the region and the establishment of Jewish settlements and land purchases was starting to incite Arab leaders to violence.
The Ottoman empires fall, leaving the area in chaos after the Arab settlers break the peace treaty signed in 1919 and attack the Jewish residents. Massive pogroms ensue, causing the Jews living in Israel defend themselves. This is when both the Hagana and the Palmach become indispensable to the survival of Israel. There is a general consensus that armed defenders are needed. During the many skirmishes, Israel takes control of a good portion of the country. Then the British step in as peacekeepers as a temporary measure.

1948, Palestine-Israel is officially recognized as a Jewish state and split between the two parties, the Jews accept the Arab residents refuse to accept the truce. Then the British leave, all hell breaks loose and the war of independence we celebrated recently starts with the armies of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt and Saudi Arabia invading the territory.

The war shockingly goes against the overwhelming numbers of the combined armies, the new state of Israel not only survives but takes territory. The UN steps in in 1949 to stop the violence and both sides sign an armistice.

In 1967 the infamous 6 day war breaks out after Israel responds to a build up of the Egyptian army on its Southern Border and guerrilla attacks that have been going on all this time. The war again surprisingly goes in Israel’s favor and Israel conquers even more territory before another armistice is reached defining the famous “67 borders”.

The Yom Kippur war breaks out in 1973, when Egypt surprise attacks Israel with the intent of “Driving the Jews into the sea” on the nation’s high holiday. Israel suffers serious casualties before being able to respond and marshal its forces.

Israel Survives again, the borders are rearranged slightly.

But if this is historical fact available to anyone and everyone, why do so few people know or care?

The answer is that a healthy dose of Liberal mania decides what does and what does not constitute free speech. With our modern society a virtual playground exists for extremists to express their ideas without any fear consequence.

Now days, you can express hate, mistrust, even make open threats and as long as you don’t cross the dreadful line of saying something either Islamophobic (I am not an Islamaphobe, I just like my head where it is… attached to my body) or you go against the current popular object of hate (Right now I believe that it’s Donald Trump) you can live a perfectly normal life… except you can’t…

Violence is acceptable. Boycotting is acceptable. Judgement without trial is acceptable.

The lines we drew in the sand and never should have crossed have been crossed and the sand has been so spread out that we can’t even find where the line was to begin with.

I am not be the best man to argue for the State of Israel, I just hope that in some way, I can make a difference by helping those who can argue. This article is really just an aid to those who continue to defend Israel in the international community, a repository of information and sources they can use.

List of Important Dates

  1. 135 A.D. – Judea gets renamed Syria Palestinia
  2. 1919 – The Collapse of the Ottoman Empire
  3. 1923- The start of British Mandate
  4. 1948 -The War of Independence
  5. 1967-The Six Day war
  6. 1973- The Yom Kippur War
About the Author
Yochanan Brody, 23, was born and raised in Israel to immigrant parents. He is a collector of antiques and oddities, a massive bibliophile and an amateur historian.
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