Because They Don’t Want Them in New York

At the end of World War Two Great Britain found itself in near total bankruptcy. Not only did that nation owe billions of dollars to the United States for the thousands of tons of war materials that had been shipped to England to support its war effort, but it also faced a near empty treasury as well.

Food and fuel were being rationed, thousands of demobilized soldiers were returning to civilian life and needed employment and one of the most troublesome expenses for the British Empire was the costs of maintaining its far flung outposts and rebuilding those colonies that had suffered such tremendous damage during the war.

India, the crown jewel of the empire, was in the throes of a massive civil unrest as the movement for its independence was intensified with the defeat of the Japanese.  The political unrest and civil disobedience under the leadership of Mohandas Ghandi and the unity fostered by  him with the Moslem citizens of that huge nation, were making terrible headaches for the British rulers.

But nowhere was the bloodshed and the internecine fighting more desperate and intense as it was in Mandatory Palestine.  The Hebrew resistance fighters of the Irgun Z’vai L’eumi and the Lochamei Herut Israel, were taking their toll of British lives and institutions, The mandate, which had been received by the Jews  had been with hope and open arms back in 1919,  had been dashed to pieces by the betrayals and treachery of the British occupation authorities and the government of perfidious Albion.

The mandate had promised all the lands of geographic “Palestine” for, as the mandate’s article read “for close Jewish settlement on the land,” and for the opening of the territory for Jewish immigration.

Yet, in defiance of the very articles of their own mandate, the British government’s Foreign Secretary at that time, Winston Churchill, illegally surrendered 77% of the land promised the Jewish people by “INTERNATIONAL LAW” and treaty. Over to the Hashemite, Abdullah;  a man whose family had been evicted from their original home in Saudi Arabia. Not only was this  an act of colossal land theft, but Jews were forbidden to settle on any of that land.

Furthermore, the Chamberlain government in 1939, completely abrogated the promise of the mandate to the Jews by issuing the infamous White Paper of 1939, restricting Jewish immigration to the land when it was needed most-when tens of thousands of European Jews were fleeing from the advance of Nazi Germany.  Even after the war began, the British occupying regime kept the gates closed to these unfortunate people attempting to escape from certain death. To my mind, Great Britain was a complicit partner in the Final solution to the Jewish Question.

The war created over 20 million refugees.  Former slave laborers that had been taken to work in the industries of the Nazi regime, people who had been made homeless by the massive destruction of their towns and cities and those whose nations had been gobbled up by the advance of the Red Army.

Among these were thousands of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, languishing in Displaced Persons’ Camps who had nowhere to go.  Even those few among them who had traveled back to their home towns to reclaim their property, were set upon by vicious anti-Semitic gangs and slaughtered like the 46 Jews who returned to Kielce in Poland. Europe had been acquiescent in their butchering and it was unrepentant for its complicity. The only venue that the Jewish surviving remnant had was the right to enter the homeland which was under the heavy foot of the British.

In 1946, the British Labor Party replaced the wartime government of Winston Churchill and it had made promises to open the gates of the mandate for Jewish immigration. The new Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, had even made pro-Zionist remarks during the election.

However, using the pretext of possibly upsetting the Arab residents in the territory (whose leadership has fervently supported the Axis powers) the restrictions of the White Paper of 1939 remained in force.

In “Palestine” Hebrew fighters were attacking British personnel and installations with mighty blows. In July of 1946, the Irgun successfully destroyed the very headquarters of the British occupation authorities in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Irgun fighters were being flogged by British whips and British soldiers were, in retaliation, being whipped by Irgun officers.

Hebrew resistance men were being tried and hanged, so the Irgun captured and hanged two British sergeants. The land was seething, ready to boil over and the British were about to throw their hands in the air until they made a suggestion to their American allies, whose political powers were strongly pro-Zionist. In fact, the British had even suggested turning the mandate over to the United States and requesting that the US pay for its expenses.

So, an Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry was formed at Bevin’s request and he promised to fulfill any and all recommendations made by the committee. These gentlemen visited the mandate, spoke with the leadership of the Jewish community and visited factories, farms and towns to speak with ordinary folks. The Arab leadership in the mandate not only refused to cooperate with the committee but threatened any Arab who did with death.

The committee members also visited the Displaced Person’s camps and spoke with the survivors.  The universal demand of these poor people was the right to leave for “Palestine” as promised by the British, the Treaty of Versailles, the San Remo Treaty of 1920 and the recognition of the Jewish people’s historic connection to the land as recognized by international jurisprudence.

So, the committee recommended the restrictions of the 1939 White Paper be removed and 100,000 Jews immediately admitted to the territory. This had the total approval of the president of the United States, the late Harry S. Truman. Bevin, reneged on his promise to fulfill the demands of the committee and he said, “The reason that Truman wants the 100,000 Jews to enter Palestine is that he doesn’t want them in New York!”

Now we get to the heart of the matter-why did I bring up this history?  Because today, the Secretary of State of the United States and his master in the White house, have also reneged and lied to the Jewish people in Israel.

They promised that there would be open access “24/7” to all Iranian nuclear sites. They lied.  They promised that the sanctions would be lifted as Iran complied with the deal. They lied again.  They called Iran the greatest financier of international terror but have awarded them BILLIONS of dollars that they admit, can go to the coffers of Hezbollah and Hamas.

Kerry said that the funds were to aid the people of Iran yet, when the people of Iran marched in the streets of Teheran for liberty and freedom, the president, Barack Obama, allowed them to be gunned down. And, four days before the signing of this horrendous seal, the Supreme Leader, the “Fuhrer” of Iran, marched with tens of thousands of his people chanting “Death to America! Death to Israel!”

Even now, Israel is being warned against doing anything to sabotage or eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat. The agreement, as Prime Minister Netanyahu as said, is for American interests, not Israel’s.  Israel is not bound by an codicil, paragraph or appendix of this modern Munich Agreement.

We are no longer powerless as we were in 1946-we require no one’s permission to bring 100,000 or G-d willing, 1,000,000 Jews home to Israel.

We have the power and the right to defend ourselves regardless of what the Americans, the Europeans or the anti-Semitic cabal at the United Nations has to say. We are mendicants no longer.

We shall not huddle in fear of an Iranian nuclear Sword of Damocles is held over our heads.  No nation has the right to tell Israel how best to defend itself and those who have the temerity to lecture or threaten us for protecting our sovereignty should be warned as to what happens to those civilizations that raise their hands against the people of Israel.

John Kerry swore an oath on the Bible, where in the Book of Genesis. The L-rd G-d of Israel told His chosen people that “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”  History makes that perfectly clear to everyone it seems, except John Kerry and the Mad Mullahs of Iran.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.