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Before Fauda season 4

Did Fauda cause real chaos?

Despite all the explosions that happened on the show, Fauda exploded in the international news since the New York Times voted Fauda the best international show for 2017. In 2018, the show has harvested 11 awards. The outbreak show, produced by the Yes network, was streamed on the international platform Netflix. Netflix streams the show on a sad, but perfect timing. While most people were under curfew right after the Passover holiday, which did not include any big rituals this time. But will the season that takes place in the Gaza strip receive the same exposure?

Well, there are more reasons than having a half Lebanese actress in this show to make it number one in Lebanon. Laetitia Eido “Shireen”, captain Ayoub, and Noret never been in the military; only pure talent makes them appear with almost no accent.

Emotional or Political? 

Lior Raz is the 49 years old actor “ Doron” who served in the Duvdevan unit for more than 20 years. His loss of his girlfriend Iris Azulai in a terror attack back in 1990 did not make him forget his mom’s roots from Algeria where she was born or the roots of his Iraqi born dad. Doron grew up speaking Arabic with his dad and grandmother, and with Arab workers in his father’s plant nursery who were also his playmates.

After the loss of Shireen, Doron still accused him of ruining relations and the unit operations by involving his emotions. In season 3 he was called to build a relationship with the guy who will eventually betray him. This guy ”Bashar” turns into a terrorist and makes Doron responsible for another innocent girl’s death Yaara. The first two seasons reflect a big part of  Lior’s life from losing his girlfriend and having an Iraqi father. In season 3 we still see Doron fighting an army alone which is the thing we used to call unrealistic while watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies the one who Lior himself was a guard for.

The mixed signals the audience will get Is that Doron in the 3rd season chooses between doing things right or doing the right things. Between trying not to lose Bashar or do the commands from his boss Hila, which at the end appears to be wrong. Hila commands lead to losing Avichai and feeling also responsible for his death again, which added to Doron’s history of losing people he is trying to protect. The question does seem to arise;  does that mean everything militarised and political ring portrayed here because of revenge and personal interests?

A Palestinian Perspective 

Since I studied theater with the Jewish director Juliano Mer Khamis R.I.P, it has given me a critical eye to put myself as a viewer to see how the audience perceives a character every time I watch a movie. I do the same with filming, photography, writing, even lighting. As a Palestinian, I will ask the question of what this show talks about me, and how does it represent me?

At this time we are hearing the news about getting to an agreement to form an emergency government between Netanyahu, who people were protesting against in Tel Aviv about keeping social distance, and Gantz the one who disappointed Israelis who chose him as a vote for change. 

Palestinians who watch Fauda see that Israelis represent the Palestinian cause and their fight for liberation as terrorism. This is at a time when Israelis option for change was Gantz, who was bragging how many civilians he killed in Gaza. On the other hand, the bigger majority voted for Bibi Netanyahu who said there will be no two states solution. They know that Gantz also agreed to annex the Jordan valley and implementing the “deal of the century”. 

Despite all the misleading images that Fauda delivers, for instance, Palestinians holding guns in the street.

Israel heads the rank of the most militarized nations around the world while Palestinians come at the very tail of the rank at the position 174. Which makes the source of weapons is Israelis when stealing weapons from military bases became an issue that pushed the IDF to approve shooting weapons thieves.

The beauty and peace

Palestinians ask the same question that Doron kept asking “why are we doing this?” would peace ever happen? Can peace happen as the relationship between Shireen and Doron? Or the peace process destiny is to die or to be in jail as Shireen or Bashar?

Well, these examples have similar ones in reality, but again the beast killed the beauty in the peace that Palestinians and Israelis had in the midst of all this chaos.

Another Shireen was Zineb Irshied from Deheishe refugees camp in Bethlehem who was married to a Dani a Morrocan Jew; they had Yousef and Tamara they lived together with her other kids for her previous husband, one of them was Raed who was killed by Israeli soldiers in his 21st birthday by mistake by 7 bullets, the day he gave all his savings to poor families. Dani, Yousef, and Tamara received condolences along with zineb and people in the refugee camp.

I believe that there are other good examples that did not die yet, better examples will be born.

When seeds of a spike bury in the soil fill the valley with more spikes.

Can we get the pattern of this chaos theory or we should keep the snowball rolling?

Before Fauda season 4

In a zoom panel with the director, the scenarist, and 4 main characters in the show Lior mentioned that Doron never wins. The co-writer played the main character for 3 seasons, lost loved ones, family, friends. Now Lior is shooting “Run and Eat” in New York. Would this 49-year-old guy be the Israeli James bond again in season 4? And would it be in Gaza, Lebanon borders, or somewhere else?

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Mahmoud Ghanim, 29, Bethlehem/Palestine: a peace and environmental activist. A poet and writer part of Yala Young leaders for citizen Journalism a project of Peres center for peace and innovation, which connects young leaders from across the middle east and north Africa online.
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