Believing in Birthright

Please answer this question…Why are there still young adults, from age 18 to mid-20s, that still have not been to Israel? This means they still have not gone on a FREE trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. ATTENTION FELLOW JEWS (and everyone else for that matter)! THE WORD FREE WAS MENTIONED!

Although they are all terrible reasons for not having gone, the excuses span not far and wide at all. Some may say they’ve been busy with school while others are looking for that first real job. Some may just not be interested and others may not have any friends that want to go during the same trip. Oh and the worst one of them yet…the “I’ll go later” chorus that so many young procrastinating Jews love to sing!

So with all these easily made excuses, the program itself must not be very enticing right? WRONG…let’s look at some of the great rewards Birthright provides:

-A FREE trip to one of the fastest-growing vacation destinations in the world

-The opportunity to extend one’s trip and travel across the globe for up to 3 months

-Meeting cool people from all around the country and world



-Partying in some of the coolest cities in Israel

-Visiting stunning beaches, mountains, and deserts

-Connecting with ancient history

-Building a relationship with your fellow Jews and Israelis

-A FREE trip!


So what must we do to get more people to take advantage of this unique gift given to us from donors and organizations around the world? Personally, I think it comes down to a few important things. First, we need to document and publish the Birthright adventures more “in your face” for everyone to see. Second, more direct outreach needs to happen from the programs themselves. This means going directly to the traveler and having one on one conversations about the once and a lifetime trip. And last but not least, all of us who have been on the trip need to go on the guilt trip trying to push our fellow classmates, colleagues, family members, and friends to take the leap and go to Israel. It’s our God-given duty to make them feel like complete idiots for not having gone! Once they begin feeling stupid for sitting around and not having participated in the program, this will encourage the mindset switch.

So for whatever reason people end up wanting to go…from feeling like idiots because they’re the last ones out of their friend groups to not have gone, to wanting a FREE trip, to the real goal which is to begin building that relationship between the Jewish homeland and our diaspora Jewish population…it’s all good! Eventually, participants will come around and the trip will leave some type of positive impact! WE JUST HAVE TO GET THEM ON THAT PLANE!!!

About the Author
Josh Lynn is from Dallas, TX and is currently living in Ramat Gan, IL. He has a passion for researching and writing about various topics related to the country of Israel, Jewish history, and Jewish culture in general. Furthmore, he is an aspiring entrepreneur and will continue to write about the Israeli economy and startup scene.
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