Believing Trump

It’s getting scary here in America. Smart people, Jewish people, are believing Trump. That’s really hard to believe!

I just spoke with an old friend of mine. She’s sharp and talented and a major business whiz. No one puts anything over on her. Except, it seems, Donald Trump.

How did our conversation go? Something like this:

Me: These bombs being delivered to Obama, Clinton, Biden, and CNN are pretty alarming. What’s going on here?

She: Well, there’s a lot of hatred in this country.

Me: Not so surprising. Our president foments hate with his bullying and lies.

She: All politicians are liars.

Me: Maybe so. But he exceeds them all. Big time. I never remember such language from a president. It’s basically impossible to believe anything he says. And the way he disparages other people is no longer shocking to me but it is revolting.

She: He’s no worse than any of the others.

Me: I can’t believe that’s what you think. And look at these big issues he’s fabricating about the immigrants from Central America.

She: It’s true. They can’t be allowed in.

Me: Who said that to your parents who arrived here penniless from Poland?

She: That was different.

Me: How so?

She: These are terrorists.

That’s when I hung up.

We are in big trouble in this country if people like my friend have started to think of Trump as a real president. We are in big trouble in this country if people like my friend believe anything he says. There’s a message here: let’s get out the vote. Let’s prove to the world that the emperor has no clothes.

About the Author
Alex Benjamin is the director of EIPA, a multi-disciplined pro-Israel advocacy Group based in Brussels, with offices in Paris and Berlin. He is also the Director of Public Affairs for EJA: European Jewish Association, a Brussels based NGO which represents and acts on behalf of Jewish communities across the EU and wider European continent, at the heart of the European Institutions and at bilateral level with Member States.
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