Bernie Sanders and the Court Jew syndrome

American politics must be in really bad shape if somebody like the Socialist pretending to be Democrat can be so popular, and usually when politics of a country are in such state, it is much more than a political issue only. It must be a reflection of deep societal problems, a crisis of trust and leadership, a situation which is a typical breeding ground for demagogues, and Bernie is one of those. His economics are a grand Ponzi scheme, his exploitation of the race issues is dangerous and most inflammatory and his foreign policy, well, this does not exist , and when nit pops up in debates and discussions, the guy simply shows complete ignorance. Only Trump can match him with foreign policy ignorance, and it is a close race between the two about who is a bigger rabble rouser on domestic issues. Whether Left or Right is irrelevant, to be a mass instigator of feelings of alienation of disgruntled public is something that can characterize propagandists from both sides of the isle.

But then there is one foreign policy question which is very important for the man who claims to be the son of Polish immigrants. This is Israel, of course. It is here where ignorance is in abundance as to be expected , but it is also venom and yes, sheer hatred. The guy simply hates Israel. He so easily talks about Gaza with 10000 dead Palestinians, then tries to retract it, but the retraction is even worse than the original. When read carefully , it is clear, that the ”humanist, peace lover, Socialist” has no really any regard to casualties in war, in that case of Palestinians , as he simply refers to people as mere numbers, a stat which may or may not fit into his political agenda .Oh well, so it goes, ”I meant injured people, not just dead ones”, and problem solved. Nothing solved, as even that explanation overinflates the real numbers, and besides, not a word about Jewish casualties, not a word about Hamas and the background of all that, and the wild allegations about ”indiscriminate, disproportionate killing by the IDF” are untouched. Put in sum, no retraction, no apology, no second thought, nada. The Jews are to be blamed for, much the same as the contents of his Dearborn speech just before the Michigan primary. 60 years of Middle East instability, 60 odd years of Israel existing, simple and trivial even to beginners . What is not clear here? Well, The guy hates Israel. So, we can end up here, but not this time. I am trying here to put it all in some historic, Jewish context.

Jews in position of national influence and leadership in their countries is not a new and rare story. Let us take some recent examples , then go back with the train of time .Henry Kissinger is often blamed for intentionally misleading Israel before the 1973 WAR, so as to have us suffer and bleed enough , in order to push Israel to the negotiations table from a position of weakness. I have not see any irrefutable evidence proving that, but I remember and will never forget, that the same Kissinger said, that even if the US had evidence of gas chambers for Jews in the Soviet Union, it would do nothing about that. Yes, he said it!. Take the Jewish, anti Zionist entourage of FDR , Samuel Rosenman, Bernard Baruch and co., who were anti Zionists and lifted not one finger for the Jews of Europe. Morgentau was different, at least one Tzadik over there. Let us move to Austria, with its notorious Socialist Israel hater P.M Auto Kreiski, Argentina with oits very recent FM , Timmerman, who loyally served the vitriolic, anti semitic policies and statements of President Kirshner. Needless to mention the Jews around Stalin . I can go on and on, the pattern is clear, and the exceptions tend to prove the rule.

Not just a very recent phenomenon, as it goes back in history , but I will just refer to the court Jews in some of the Royal courts of Europe few centuries back, with their Jews who were so happy to serve the ruler, and to the hell with their brethren. Here is now the modern version of all that. If you want to rise up in the scale of popularity of the Left and you are Jewish, be the court Jew of the Israel haters. Hate Israel and be good, hate Israel and prove your credentials. Hate Israel and be the darling of the American Left. In short, be Bernie Sanders and hate Israel.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina