Bernie Sanders – Prove That Israel Has “A Right Wing Racist Government”


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.@BernieSanders on #CNNTownHall: “To be for the Israeli people and to be for peace in the Middle East does not mean that we have to support right wing racist governments that currently exist in Israel..


I watched a replay of Wednesday night’s debate on NBC from Las Vegas. I noticed much time was devoted to  the high cost of Health Care as well as bringing down the costs so that all Americans will be able to have affordable Health Care.

Bernie Sanders in particular is critical of large profits that the major Pharmaceutical Companies are earning. He claims to have a plan which will work. It sounds like some of his fellow Democratic Candidates are skeptical of such a  plan.

Bernie Sanders, as shown above, was quoted on Tuesday as saying that  there is a “right wing racist government in Israel”. That is news to me and I am sure the vast majority of my fellow Israelis. Bernie does not substantiate his claim.

But let’s put politics aside for the moment, to discuss the Health Care System that exists in Israel. And my question to Bernie Sanders is as follows –


Given the Health Care System that exists in Israel today, how can you, Bernie Sanders, justify saying that Israel is a “right wing racist government” when Israel has come up with a fair health plan for all of its citizens, and Arabs benefit from this as well?

Israel is home to over 6 million Jews and millions of Arabs as well. Israel has a Health Care System in which every Israeli Citizen is allowed to be a member of. And many Arabs are also using these services. For a nominal fee, all Israeli’s can make routine visits to their doctors. All Israelis qualify for hospital care and are able to take care of routine surgeries at little or no cost.

When children are born, the Israeli Government pays the new parents for each child. The medical care that Israel provides is considered among the most advanced in the world.

And yet you Bernie Sanders classify the Israeli Government as “right wing and racist”.

No other Government would do the same for its enemies, as Israel is doing for the Arabs, especially in the field of Health Care.

And then you once suggested that US taxpayers’ money should go to the Palestinians instead of Israel.

You must be joking- Israel needs that money to pay for Health Care services it provides Arabs along with many other benefits.

All major Israeli hospitals are constantly filled with Arabs who know that the Medical Care in Israel is far superior than what exists in their home towns.

Why don’t you read my previous Blog and realize that a boy from an Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina who drowned in a large rainwater reservoir in that neighborhood just last month was also searched for and rescued by Jews.

Police said “efforts at the rainwater reservoir lasted throughout the night… Unfortunately the boy was found lifeless, and Magen David Adom [paramedics] were forced to declare him dead.” So Bernie, why don’t you give credit where credit is due and realize the Israelis are helping the Palestinians instead of constantly criticizing the Government?

Then regarding the same incident, security camera footage of a child being pulled toward a car inflamed the situation, which turned out to be false. The family issued a statement saying, “If it turns out he was kidnapped by settlers it would set the entire neighborhood on fire.”

So the question is, why should Magen David Adom want to even go into Beit Hanina when it would put all the lives of the first responders in danger? Especially considering that statement by the family if Jews were suspected of killing that boy.

And then I pointed out in that last Blog, that among those people who began circulating those false rumors were none other than Hanan Ashrawi, the head of Miftah and Rep. Tlaib . Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Tlaib were banned last year from entering Israel. It seems like you and Omar are great friends, and Omar is one of your largest supporters.

So what I don’t understand about you Bernie Sanders is that you are constantly standing up for the Palestinian people and its supporters, like Omar, but you are not standing up for your own  people, because you proudly proclaim to be a Jew yourself!

And furthermore, you continually have criticized Israel for the treatment of Palestinians. But the reality is that the Palestinians are the ones who should be criticized by yourself for sending terrorists into our country as well as all the missiles and rockets that are constantly being fired into Israel.  Where is your solution for that Bernie Sanders?

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