It can be argued that Jews, collectively, and as a nation-state i.e. Israel are not liked and thus have bad things happen to them even from supposed friends. This statement is of course troubling and not entirely accurate. While rabbis and secular Jews may argue the existential points to the statement, one knows that in contrast to assumption Israel is made up of many ethnic groups and religions. Therefore, while interesting, this opening statement is not true. Still, with continued terror against Jews and the decision by the EU to take Hamas off its terrorist organization list, the statement appears prophetic.

Terror plots are sadly commonplace within Israel. Sometimes they are unfortunately successful as recent vehicular, stabbings, and shootings as terror examples show. Sometimes they are thankfully unsuccessful as the recent foiled fake-pregnancy plot. Outside of Israel though they are increasing. This is beyond a worrisome trend. It is part of, as I have written about before, a larger tacitly allowed anti-Semitic campaign. Greece is only the latest example.

Removing Hamas from the EU terrorist organization list is a different matter. It is not emblematic of anti-Semitism. It is not a question of semantics. One may argue legal considerations or political considerations, but in this case I think they are both part of the same root. The tree of aggressive and hostile foreign policy towards the State of Israel. It is clear from the charter of Hamas what their intent is. Years of direct political control of Gaza, millions of dollars in aid from international agencies, millions from individual nation-states, and millions more from the UN have not softened their political or public position towards Israel. And continued terrorist actions against Israel is proof of their unwillingness to be a true partner for peace. This is why the announcement by the EU is so disturbing. It is a betrayal. How can the political body of twenty-seven sovereign nation-states make a change that punishes not a terrorist organization, but instead another sovereign nation-state?

Nation-states may disagree with each other. Some are allies and some are enemies, with more fitting into that gray area of frienemy. However, those that are friends do not seek the destruction of another. The announcement that the EU made does just this because it allows the mission of Hamas to de facto continue without condemnation. The EU has betrayed its friend, Israel.

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Dr. Aaron Walter teaches International Relations. He writes on American foreign policy towards Israel. In addition to topics directly related to U.S.-Israeli politics, he has written on the presidency and security studies as linked to U.S., Europe, and Israeli studies
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