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"Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world."

Beware, Jew and Israel Haters, of the Boomerang Effect


Just remember World War II and its 60+ million dead.  Look at what is happening all around the world, with the Islamic terrorists?  Look at Europe today, a continent that is losing its identity at a high speed.

This is my last warning, which will probably have little or no effect on world politics, but at least I will have had it out of my chest, and hopefully, some enlightened people might just heed it.

I will say this a last time, since you have finally understood me.  I’ve been warning people in France for the last 25 years that Europe was going the bad way.  But they pretended I was raving.  Now it’s too late, the European population has been brainwashed by their governments and the media because they needed the votes of these invaders, the most aggressive immigrants Europe has ever had, and it can only get worse.  I really am sad I was so right, because I have friends like you and family in Europe, and I fear for them.

Of course, anything can happen anywhere, including here!    But let me tell you more.  There have never been so many million foreigners of all creed and color visiting Israel like this year.  I talk to all and sundry, and those who had never been here are overwhelmed by the kindness of the people, their civility, the modernity of this tiny country, which is surrounded by hate-filled enemies, including the Palestinian government, starting with the PLO and the Hamas, both terrorist regimes – including Arafat who, apparently, died of AIDS (I cannot confirm this) – and have always wanted to destroy the Jews, even before the existence of Israel, and this has been going on for over 100 years.  Remember the Mufti of Jerusalem, he was a great friend of Hitler’s and promised to build concentration camps here.

Now, these enemies have convinced UNESCO that Jerusalem has no trace of Judaism.  How much longer will they lie to the world, discrediting these UN institutions, which are the toys of 57 corrupt and intolerant nations?

The conclusion of it all is that Israel has the highest standard of morality I have seen anywhere, including its army.  Of course, there are crooks here too, including a mafia, some discrimination too, which is not acceptable.  But which army in the world sends flyers to its enemies, inviting them to evacuate their homes not to be killed, because they found tons of armaments hidden in schools, mosques, and homes – put there by the terrorist Hamas authorities in Gaza?  Do you understand now that its governments are the only ones who are guilty of placing these loads of deadly weapons (sold by their ally, Iran) in the midst of their population?  NOT ISRAEL, as the Europeans love to blame!  Their reasoning is this: we are 1,5 billion Muslims in the world, we can afford to lose thousands of people, we will always have the majority, whereas the Jews are but a mere 15 million.  Look how they are killing each other all over the world by the hundreds of thousands, in the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Africa, etc. They have a lethal love of death and of destruction, whereas Israel is a culture of life, innovation, and Peace.

If no one attacks Israel, it is happy and it minds its own business, inventing new medicine and high-tech equipment that benefits the whole world, but since its enemies continue to launch thousands of rockets from Gaza and Lebanon, destroying homes and schools in Israel and also killing innocent people (children among them) – why does the European media never show that?  Because hatred of the Jew, and now of Israel, has been writ in its DNA for over 2000 years? – Israel hits back, ferociously.

The overwhelming majority of Jews didn’t have the means to fight back during the 2000+ years they have lived in Europe, so that today, many Europeans are confounded that now this small but strong nation can defend itself.

True, Israel responds disproportionately.  And I approve, now that I have learned so many things, living here.  Its enemies only understand power and strength.  They kill kindness.   Then too, it is never Europe that would defend Israel if there is another holocaust!!!  America is well aware of that.  And thank goodness it supports this country so fervently.

Europe lost its sense of morality half a century ago, especially France.  As ambitious as Macron could be, he will never be able to repair the damage done for 50 years.  He might have succeeded if he were reborn in 1950 – return to the future, kind of.  But that’s wishful thinking.

It is wonderful to have around you people who, not knowing you, show such care, such benevolence, at the slightest incident.  And this whoever or of whatever religion you are. If you don’t look well, they ask if they can help, they stop and give you their seats, some even suggest their doctors if you seem lost and are either a tourist or a newcomer.

This minuscule nation, smaller than Belgium, is a light upon the world. Millions of foreigners who have visited Israel, whether they are white, black, Asians, or even those who previously hated Jews, go back home, overwhelmed by what they have witnessed.  Hear what they have to say:

“What we have experienced here, is all the opposite of the lies and hatred we have been brainwashed with for so long!  The people are so helpful, so open, and, what’s more, there are incredibly beautiful sights to visit within this tiny area!”

Read this link by an Israeli Arab – she represents most of the 1,5 million Arab Israelis who would, for nothing in the world, be part of another corrupt Arab country, let alone a future Palestine where women are treated as servants and LGBT – including gay people – are either sent to prison or shot dead, like that politician who was killed in Gaza recently because they found out that he was homosexual.

Did you know that Palestinian homosexuals flee their territories, lest they are ostracised by their families or, worse, be hanged in public, to find refuge in Israel, where they get free treatment, board, and lodging?  I have visited such places in both Jerusalem and here in Tel Aviv.

A bon entendeur salut.


Where is European solidarity?  Bravo Frau Merkel!

Isn’t it ironic that it was the Arabs who invaded North Africa and subjected its original population: the Berbers and the Christian Copts (Egypt’s original population which now numbers 10 million – who are suffering terrible discriminations, destructions of churches and deaths by the thousands)?  Colonization?  Israel was continuously attacked by five armies, and lo and behold, to the chagrin and astonishment of the Arab armies, it always won.  Israel is the only real democracy in the M.E., however imperfect it is – although now, I deem it much better than France’s.  It is the only place in the M.E, where Christians and other minorities thrive and feel free!

And, still, in Europe, mainly, but now also in American universities, where Qatar and Saudi Arabia have made donations of millions of dollars, they organize Israel apartheid weeks – they don’t know what apartheid means, I do, having lived so many years in South Africa -, BDS, boycott Israel weeks, when these students – not to mention their corrupt professors who favor money over morality – can’t even place Israel on the map.  They repeat what they hear from their Muslim colleagues like parrots.  Imbeciles and ignorants that they are!  They can’t even think for themselves – political correctness ‘oblige’!

If you look at the history of the world, whoever is attacked and wins, keeps the territory that it has acquired.  So no, the West Bank and Gaza are not colonies, but the UN, led by 57 Muslim countries and the rotten European antisemites, claim that Israel has colonized these territories.  A unique case of injustice.

If I had been at the commands of the Israeli army – another wishful thinking, you know I could never put myself in their shoes -, I would never have returned the huge Sinai to Egypt, Egypt who wanted, with its Arab allies, to throw the Jews to the sea.  Israel has to accept what no other nation accepts.  Look, for example, at how Poland’s territory has fared during the centuries of wars it has suffered. That applies to all the other countries with similar experiences, everywhere in the world.

I know you don’t like politics, L, but I have taken hours to pen this letter, so please make this last effort, and read the links below, all written by non-Jews.  From now on, we shall only discuss things close to our hearts: literature, the arts, and of course our daily life.

Kindly read the following links, and Take care

Israeli Arabs and Jews on their country:

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