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“Bibi Day” +3: America says “thanks, we needed that”

Mr. Netanyahu’s reception at his speech before the Joint session of the US Congress shook the walls. Literally that is. Thunderous applause and genuine cheers that seemed to go on and on greeted the Prime Minister. The pouting President, Vice President and about 40 lock step Democrats were absent and not missed. They all made their point and Mr. Netanyahu made his. Iran cannot be trusted to put aside its nuclear weapons project and no amount of treaties or secret deals signed in ink can replace a death pledge signed in blood. The delusional attitude of a small group of public officials has become even more evident. The apparent overall strategy of the Administration is that as the United States retreats to its lead from the back, jobs for Jihadists, Climate Change is enemy number one position, Iran will be the policeman for the Middle East. It certainly will start there and progress to a Mahdi-ruled Caliphate with world submission as its 7th century mission. The proof is history.

What is still disturbing is how many of the President’s supporters still faithfully drool at any and all words and miss-statements that come from the White House. As America retreats Iran and The Caliphate advance. A lap-dog media repeats the criticisms and cynicism of a government which no longer considers itself accountable to anyone but a small group huddled in the Oval Office who listen only to themselves.

The obvious comparisons to the documented events of 1938 where a Prime Minister of England, Neville Chamberlain declared that he could work with Herr Hitler resound over and over. The Munich Pact promised peace in our time. A stern Churchill told the English people a different story and one that tragically came true a year later. War by increments and total war soon after. Germany gained time to plan its attacks and ascertained that Britain and France would not resist. Obama has said he can work with the theocracy in Iran, they will honor their agreements, and he will bring us peace in his time. He and his acolytes ridicule those who offer proof of anything different. Facts and reality mean nothing.

Obviously the mullahs cannot believe the gullibility of the Americans and drill to attack Navy warships and develop missiles and the nuclear warheads. In 2014 the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) reported Iran as an area of genuine threat and concern. After all a President who invests his time in “selfies”, watching TV sports and ignoring security updates is their dream come true. Thankfully Israel is no party to the negotiations, otherwise the conversation might not be so pleasant.

The Obama Administration is calculating that Iran will have a demographic change that will move it more towards a centrist, non-Mahdist geopolitical position in the region as the Obama legacy of a less “exceptional” United States retreats to a different world position. As a military draw-down and drastic increase in attention to domestic governance progress an unrealistic direction is being pursued. For better for for worse the United States had previously assumed the role of world leader in most categories. Today China has the second largest military budget in the world. China expands into the Pacific as the United States withdraws. If Iran is promoted as the replacement for the United States as an influencer the Middle East will fall under the domain and domination of a government that has openly and repeatedly expressed its intent to eliminate the United States, Israel and all who oppose its particular Mahdist worldview and goals. The Administration’s predictions and actions to date have resulted in catastrophic failures in Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, and not to mention Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The odds are not in their favor as the amateurish Oval Office group ignores informed and experienced opinions like Mr. Netanyahu’s.

The world can only hope that Egypt, Jordan and Israel can hold the line of Caliphate advances from all directions. Israel can no longer trust or depend on the delusional Obama Administration to support or supply and seeking assistance from trustworthy sources is a wise choice. Until the Congress confronts the Executive Branch and its erratic dealings a wide track around the White House is a good choice. Americans are letting their Congress know where they are to place their support: Israel. The mainstream media is to be ignored in its pandering to the Administration, social media is carrying the message with increasing effectiveness. Old guard publications such as the Wall Street Journal seem to be among the last bastions of reality in the media world. They report that the worldwide fears of a nuclear Iran are serious and doubts about the conduct and tendency towards appeasement by the White House are cause for real concern.

Mr. Netanyahu’s two addresses, the first at AIPAC and then before our Congress gave me hope as an American that someone in our government will stand up to the blind self-delusion that is managing foreign affairs today. Our governmental systems are different, USA and Israel. Israel is a parliamentary democracy, we are still a republic. We elect a President, you have a President and Prime Minister. The other day Benjamin Netanyahu became the first “unofficial Prime Minister” of the United States of America. Thank you Sir, for telling us the hard truth. We believe you and pray that the men and women in that Congress did as well.

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