Bibi is Tough and that’s What Israel Needs

Since Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the joint session of Congress about the threat and danger a nuclear Iran will pose, there have been critics lambasting him incessantly. In America, we have all heard Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic remarks talking about how emotionally distraught the address made her and other senior Democrats’ ridiculous reactions as well.

This type of reaction was to be expected considering the fact that not all elected members of Congress are Israel’s friends. But what has bothered me is the outpouring of criticism Prime Minister Netanyahu has been on the receiving end of, in Israel. Yes, of course I understand that with the upcoming elections that is to be expected. Knee-jerk reactions for the purpose and intent of political gain and traction is only natural in the midst of an election year. But I would argue even within this context, that the criticism has been not only unfair but exposes an element in the opposition that tells us much about them.

Putting politics before country is never right. In this case, I believe that’s what we’re witnessing. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address before Congress was a brilliant strategic move on his part. President Obama through his very willingness to negotiate with Iran has shown a naiveness that is unmatched. It was important that the Prime Minister address Congress in the hopes of stopping this “deal”.

It could potentially have catastrophic consequences on Israel’s safety and security. With the incredible amount of attention the Prime Minister’s address generated, it is not only members of Congress but also the American public that have now begun voicing their opposition to this deal. It’s a necessary pressure that the American public will place on their representatives.

Prime Minister Netanyahu did the right thing by coming to address Congress about the gravest threat facing Israel, in our time. Those in Israel criticizing the Prime Minister for their own political interests, ought to be ashamed of themselves.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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