Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

Bibi Made Us Proud

The guy I buy fruits and vegetables from at the market (shuk) said to me today: Did you see that speech? (talking about AIPAC yesterday) You see something like that and it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, you realize that no one can replace Bibi.

Now I’m asking you: Did you see Bibi walk into giving that speech today in Congress? Have you ever seen a foreign leader, or any leader for that matter greeted and welcomed so warmly? I’ve never seen anything like it in any political arena and it was actually very similar to the unified support he received yesterday at AIPAC.

I’m sure it was a wonderful feeling and Bibi handled the entire thing very elegantly as per usual. I would have been shaking. The whole world was watching this speech – even presidents that pretended to be doing other things! (won’t mention any names …)

Now Bibi I have some advice for you. I know you have a tough election to win and everything, but I wouldn’t rush home if I were you. It’s business as usual over here. All the usual suspects are out to get you. If I were you I would stay abroad for as long as possible where you can fuel up on plenty more love and support. You’re going to need a full tank of that when you come back and face the music here.

I wish I could say your speech changed something for us here at home but it probably didn’t. The whole world came to a stop to watch you speak and no matter what happens in a couple of weeks you can be extremely proud of how you represented us. Not just today and yesterday, but every single time you go abroad. It’s sad that we take our most valuable national assets for granted – and you are definitely an important one.

Life is far from perfect here in Israel, there is a lot of room for improvement and we are all aware of that. But one thing will never change and that’s what this country is really made of.  What’s really going on right now in Israel isn’t about politics, it’s just to show us the most extreme example of how divided we can be.Right now we are not being our true selves and this is not only hurting us but the entire world.

Our role as the Jewish people is to give the world hope, and Bibi accomplished that today. It was never really about Iran or the nuclear weapons. Today was really about the world demonstrating how vital and dear Israel is to them. My only hope is that we will be worthy of that, and eventually give the world all the good they are anticipating to come from our direction.


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Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.
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