Bibi Says It As It Is – It Is High Time We Binned Geopolitical Correctness

Bibi’s speech in the UN Security Council Chamber was, unsurprisingly, terrific…it’s a shame that virtually no one in the Chamber listened…they all heard it, of course they heard it, they were in the room, but they didn’t listen. Bibi said it as it is, no political correctness and that is what is called for…world leaders are cloaked in antisemitism or fear or political correctness, or all of the aforementioned, and that’s why the forces of evil are stealing a march on Western leaders.

An old teacher of mine once said to me, “Gould, first you have to realise you’re an idiot and only then can you do something about it…well, at least you have realised you’re an idiot, now go and do something about it”…first, we have to accept and agree on what and who the enemy is and only then can we do something about it…however, unlike in my case where I apparently realised I was an idiot (I’m not actually sure that I did…I certainly did nothing about it!), Western leaders will not come out and call a spade a spade because either they really don’t see the enemy as an enemy or they don’t appreciate how dangerous the enemy is or they despise Israel and Jews more than they despise radical Islam or they are scared of the enemy and I think the latter is a huge stumbling block and it is enabling the enemy to march on, unencumbered. There needs to be global recognition of what radical Islam is, what constitutes radical Islam, the military, political, support, logistic, financial, sympathetic groups and organisations, whether we are talking about, Iran, Hamas, ISIL, whatever, it’s all radical Islam.

Australia’s PM, Tony Abbott, and Canada’s PM, Stephen Harper, are good men and they use stronger, more definite, language than Obama and Cameron, and Angela Merkel, she’s also a strong leader  –  we also have strong support, and we appreciate all the support we get, from the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, but, on the whole, when it comes to speaking the truth, when it comes to telling it as it is, when it comes to taking on the enemy, THE world leader is Bibi Netanyahu. I’m not saying he is perfect but talking here about the ‘big picture’, the ‘world view’, he is the man. Millions of people around the world, some who hate Israel and Jews, some who don’t, also know who the enemy is and, openly, or secretly, will be applauding Bibi’s speech….they know that our battle is their battle, that Israel is at the coal face, is on the front line of this war, not the US, not Britain, but little Israel (David and Goliath…again!!!)

Radical Islam sees the US and Israel as one and the same and has them both principally in their sights but, and I hate using the word ‘cancer’ in any other sense than medical but it’s so right to use it here, the cancer is (as Bibi said) ‘metastasising’, it has spread right across the globe and it’s in everyone’s interests, everyone who values freedom and democracy, everyone who values human rights and wants theirs protected, it’s in all of those people’s interests that Israel does overcome, that Israel does win this war! If, G-d Forbid, Israel fell, the world would, and this is not over-the-top, flowery, excessively dramatic scaremongering terminology, the world would be facing the abyss…no disrespect whatsoever to the victims of the Northern Ireland troubles, the 20th Century spread of Communism or Nazis, but this war is tougher, it is today’s Christian Crusades….this is a global threat and it’s a much more immediate threat than global warming!! If Iran ‘goes nuclear’, we can all forget about global warming…none of us will be here to suffer the consequences!!

There is no doubt in my mind that radical Islam has the upper hand and is currently ahead. The ‘West’ is on the back foot. Radical Islam is ‘going all out’, is really ‘going for it’, its leaders have the will, the commitment, the focus, the determination to keep going, to keep pushing, Western leaders, on the whole, as a group, have none of that fuel in their tanks. The evidence is there, their words and their actions, it’s all there for the world to see, the evil is not even thinly veiled, it’s on show…how much more evidence is needed!! Tough times ahead…