Ilan Hirschowitz

Biden Are You Brave?

Dear Mr. President

In our era this unjust war on Ukraine should not be happening.

All the far reaching sanctions and global rhetoric has not and will not put a stop to an aggressive Dictator. The world stands by and watches a bully plunder an innocent democratic country and leaves the Ukrainians to fight alone.

Biden, you say there will be no American boots on the ground, so I implore you to stop this unnecessary carnage without your troops, by simply putting your own patent leather shoes on the ground in Kyiv. Only when the President of The Free World shows up on site for the Ukrainian people will the aggressors start to listen and dare to fire a single shot.

Zelensky is brave Mr. President , very brave.

Are you?

About the Author
Ilan Hirschowitz was born in South Africa and now lives in the Sharon area, where he works as a Software Engineer for a large international software company.
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