Biden Will be Good for Israel, and So was Obama

The rest is commentary.

There is no excuse for the Pro-Trump Jews to criticize the Biden administration as their twice-impeached insurrection flaming hero leaves in disgrace.  Throughout the entirety of the Trump presidency all I heard on social media were simple, silly, parroted phrases such as:

“Obama was terrible for Israel!”

“Democrats are terrible for Israel!”

And of  course “Trump is the most pro-Israel president ever!”

Now, these things may look powerful on  social media posts or signs, but the truth is, just like on so many topics, the Trump supporters hyperbolized and simplified Trump’s achievements so as to  continue Trump’s narrative that is is “the greatest of all time.”

For those that fear that Biden will continue in the shoes of Obama’s administration, here are a few thing you may not have heard throughout the Trump yelling sprees:
Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in US history, including:

  • Over $3 billion per year to assist Israel’s military to ensure it has the latest and most efficient technologies and weapons available; and
  • $275 million in supplemental funding to develop the Iron Dome missile system, praised by Israel’s defense leaders for its “exceptional” success at saving the lives of Israelis who live under threat from Hamas’ rockets.
  • Additional funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems, bringing the total funding for missile defense to $650 million — double the amount spent by the Bush Administration.

These are not stats to scoff at or call “fake news.”   Trump’s funding was $550 million in the  National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and Trump’s continuation of the 3 Billion annual funding to Israel was a continuation (bipartisan) by the way of the last 10 years.    (Source: Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs)

What else?
Obama restored Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) with advanced weaponry by:

  • Signing the US-Israel Enhanced Security Act;
  • Selling Israel bunker busting bombs and F-35 fighter planes while fast-tracking arms sales;
  • Committing American troops to the 2009 Juniper Cobra and 2012 Austere Challenge joint military exercises — the largest and most extensive exercises ever with Israel;
  • Authorizing Israel to use American weapons stored in Israel during an emergency; and
  • Working with Israel to combat smuggling into Gaza.  (Source: Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs)

There are much more achievements of the Obama administration but they have been ignored or stifled in order to prop Trump’s image.  More than that, it has been established that Trump’s support of Israel stems from the Evangelical base, thanks to Mike Pence, which means that as Jews, we must  understand  what intentions this “support” is coming from.  How good is “support” for Israel if the end goal is to convert Jews and hope to bring the Christian messiah?

In other words, we finally have back in the White House a real supporter of Israel, who worked side by side with Obama, who does not believe himself to be “the chosen one” nor cater to the fundamentalist evangelicals, but instead understand the plight of Diaspora Jews, Palestinians, as well as Israelis.  Things are more complicated that the yellings on social media. Don’t fall for it.

Biden will be good for Israel, just like Obama was.   The rest is commentary.

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