Birthers Vs. Bush–A Puzzlement is still making waves, even after the man who started it all, Andrew Breitbart, is gone from the helm. The latest Breitbart scoop is a promotional booklet put out by president’s literary agents at that time, Acton & Dystel, in 1991. It can be presumed that Barack Obama supplied these biographical details to his agents, and wrote up the first draft on his own.

The booklet states that President Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

This is like pouring oil on fire for the birthers. For those of us who think the president was probably born in Hawaii, the text is not taken at face value. It is just a way for the man to paint himself as something foreign and exotic: someone who understands the race issue, having experienced “blackness” himself.

After Breitbart aired this story, five days ago, Acton & Dystel defended the “born in Kenya” thing as a clerical error.

BUT: all during this president’s administration there were questions about his place of birth. All during this time, the biography as it appeared in this booklet was left unchanged.

Only NOW that the biography made the news is this being called a “clerical error.” And that makes the idea of this being a clerical error completely bogus.

No, I don’t really think he was born in Kenya. No serious person believes that. But the president had to figure SOMEONE would out with this thing.

But he didn’t.

My question is this: Do the Obama supporters still think that Bush is the stupid one?

Is a puzzlement.

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