‘Birthright’ the Romantic Comedy

Steinhardt and Bronfman initiated a program back in 1994 to send Anglo American and Canadians with one Jewish parent on a free 10 day trip to Israel.

Today, ‘Taglit/Birthright‘ has become so popular, so household, so

courtesy of BoomGen studios.

ingrained in contemporary Jewish culture, it is now the backdrop for a new full-length, romantic-comedy that serves up the Middle East conflict in just about the most relevant way possible: through the eyes of a young Jewish American, coming to see Israel for the first

time, racing to a loss of post-collegiate innocence.

It was announced last Tuesday at film production company, BoomGen’s pitch competition for the Arte Pixel Pitch prize in London, that English film director, the Welsh-born Marc Evans, will be directing the romantic comedy, “Birthright”, after having received the green light from BoomGen studios.

In the film, a young Jewish American boy, Sam Raskin, goes on a Taglit/Birthright trip where he chases the tail of a beautiful young Jewish lady, only to wind up lost in Palestine where once again he falls in love – this time with a Palestinian girl. This creates a symbolic political and media uproar.

“Every year thousands of American Jews travel to Israel on free ‘Birthright’ trips. What if one of them ended up lost in Palestine? Birthright is a high-stakes fish-out-water comedy that transcends classic stereotypes of the Israel-Palestine conflict by reveling in the absurdity and humanity on both sides of the wall…” according to a synopsis found on the BoomGen Studios website.

“Part political satire, part romantic comedy, the screenplay was penned by Ari Issler and Ben Snyder, two talented young writers who, after returning form their own Birthright trips, urgently needed to capture their emotions in this entirely unique and transformative tale. Birthright is a love letter to those who believe that laughter is the best way to transcend the conflicts of our time.”

The film also pulls inspiration from the graphic novel, “Tear Gas in the Morning” by Kate Miranda, about a young Jewish American Palestinian activist.

Director Marc Evans has worked on such films as “Resurrection Man,” “House of America,” “My Little Eye,” “Snow Cake,” “Patagonia” and Hunky Dory.”

The movie will begin shooting in Israel, the West Bank and Northern California and should go into production in 2013, with an official release date still pending.

The script was written by Ari Issler and Ben Snyder. Issler has worked on such films as “The Hip Hop Project” and “It’s All About Love.” Ben Snyder has worked on the comedy “Bleed” and several shorts.

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