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Bizzabo Raises $6.5 Million to Expand Event Marketing Company

Bizzabo, an Israeli startup, is poised to bring jobs and new technology to Israel. The startup raised $6.5 million in Series A funding this week to help simplify marketing events. The platform has raised $14.5 million since first starting, and has offices in New York and Tel Aviv.


The company, launching in 2012, opened as a networking app for conferences before switching their focus in 2015 to customer relationship management.

Bizzabo works differently than other marketing platforms. The company works specifically in the events marketing niche, in which it’s trying to automate from start to finish. The company’s platform is used by major brands, including GE and Virgin, which use the platform’s holistic approach for event success.

The company’s platform won a People’s Choice Award for Best Event Technology Platform. The platform provides customers and clients with a platform that enables engagement of attendees. The app allows event customization to allow for sponsor pages, bios, event overviews, one-on-one messaging, social media integration and engages attendees right from their pockets.

Attendees can vote in polls, view sessions and also send messages within the app to stay engaged.

The platform offers a variety of features that have attracted investors in the first funding round of the company. A powerful editor allows the user to create an event website, while email marketing automation is combined with social media event registrations.

The company’s suite of tools has expanded to offer marketing and event management solutions. Integration into leading solutions was added by the company to allow third-party integration that’s robust and fluid for event holders.

Zvi Limon led the funding round along with Avigdor Willenz and Danny Tocatly, an angel investor. Returning investors also pledged money to help push the company’s technology into the hands of enterprises offering events, including LionBird and Kaedan Capital.

Cvent, the main competitor of the small startup, recently merged with Lanyon in a $1.65 billion deal.

Bizzabo’s CEO has kept the company’s focus on small and medium-sized entities. The company will not disclose the exact number of customers they maintain, despite stating that it is in the high hundreds level. The CEO sees the acquisition of Cvent as an opportunity, with private equity firms looking at the market for innovation.

The platform has helped 4,000 professional conferences promote and market their events.

Bizzabo aims to provide all of the tools an event needs to succeed in one location. The company’s platform is used for events as small as 100 attendees and as large as 5,000 attendees. The company describes their platform as a customer relationship management program for events, but it goes well beyond this functionality.

Mobile and social usage is a key focal point of the company.

The company has not disclosed what the new funding round will be able to offer the company outside of capital.

Israel is a hot market for startups, with a recent announcement at the end of March that 500 Startups is looking towards Israel to get startups to join their bootcamp. 500 Startups offers specialized training in marketing and growth tailored towards startups.

The company offers a four-week program for pre-seed and seeded companies as they begin to market and expand their products.

Startups that enter into the bootcamp will need to offer 1% of their company for $25,000 for marketing experiments.

Another surprising story broke this week that WalkMe acquired Jaco, a visual analytics startup. WalkMe, an Israeli entity, will use the acquisition to fuel their real-time insights needs. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed. The company has acquired two entities this year.

WalkMe has stated that Jaco’s technology will be used on their Digital Adoption Platform.

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