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Black and White in the Background

A Headless Man but not THE Headless Man (Courtesy Public Domain No Copyright)

Both the UK’s Sky News and Israel’s Channel 2 need to take a good look at their attitudes to colour.

Sky News has a presenter who happens to be black. He is always shown against a very dark background which makes him appear as the headless man.

The headless man has not been seen since the sexually explicit Polaroid snaps of the Duchess of Argyll that rocked the United Kingdom back in 1963. The Duchess’s reputation was ruined, but her lover escaped, his identity hidden by the camera cutting him off at the neck.

Now Sky News has made him reappear.

Our own Channel 2 brought us the good news from the United Arab Emirates. The spokesman for the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, was wearing a white galabieh. This was not unusual and hardly unexpected.

Unfortunately, I do not speak Arabic (yet) and have to rely on the sub-titles. However, white lettering against the Sheikh’s brilliant white galabieh made his message impossible to read. He could have been Neville Chamberlain bringing us “Peace for Our Time”, or Winston Churchill declaring “We shall fight on the beaches”.

With black and white being in the foreground of many people’s attention, it is a pity that the background is not getting the attention it deserves. It cannot be beyond the abilities of the backroom boys who run these television services to put white sub-titles on a black background and black news presenters against a white background.

White Lines have not had much luck lately. The first series of White Lines was released on Netflix in May 2020. This British-Spanish mystery thriller series was cancelled after just one season. It seems that White Lines don’t matter very much.

But, as we hear so much lately – Black Lines Matter.

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