Black and White

“I don’t say anything about Israel, good or bad, because I just don’t want to be political.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say this. When I ask them why they don’t stand up to anti-Israel rhetoric in class or around campus they often respond with, “I’m just not a political person,” or “I don’t really want to get involved,” or even, “I feel more comfortable in the grey area, on the fence, neutral, etc.” They tell me that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians or between Israel and the Arab World is a political situation and most people generally just hate politics.

These responses bother me to the point that they anger me even more than statements from people who actively seek to slander and demonize Israel. The “I just really don’t care” attitude has become all too common among Jews today, particularly with the younger generation or those who feel “less connected” to Israel.

I’d like to put something out there once and for all. This conflict we find ourselves in is not political, geographical, or insignificant in any way. The conflict between Israel and the majority of the world is, in fact, a Jewish problem.

Our war with radical Islam has no “gray areas.” Terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, PIJ and ISIS do not seek anything less than the full annihilation of the Jewish people. In turn, there is no room on our fence for squatters. Our war is black and white; you’re either on one side or the other. Unfortunately we live in a world where the security of the Jewish people is under constant threat. Notice how I say Jews and not Israel. I fully mean the Jewish people …. every single Jew on this planet. I implore my fellow Jews to realize that we have only one card on the table, one chance for survival as a people; and that is the State of Israel. The Arabs have 21 states to fall back on. We have one. The Palestinians have 21 states that can support and house them. , We have one. If Israel were ever to be annihilated (G-d forbid) I’m certain that the rest of the Jewish world would go right along with it.

We don’t have time to play games with neutrality and non-action. Every second that Jews around the world squander trying to decide whether they support their one true home in the world is a second that Israel loses. Every time we have “Jewish” groups like J Street U and Open Hillel promoting themselves as supporters of Israel, our enemies gain ammunition to use against us. How can we expect to combat anti-Semitism when groups that identify themselves as Jewish support blatantly anti-Semitic organizations like BDS? What twisted reality are the Jews that support BDS living in? Why don’t actual pro-Israel groups stage sit-ins and demonstrations like the pro-Palestinian ones? Why don’t Jews feel the need to defend a country that would move mountains and fly across the world to save them? These are the questions we ought to be asking ourselves.

We don’t have the luxury of having a middle ground in our struggle. If you truly support Israel then you support freedom, human rights, morality and life. If you don’t support Israel as a Jew, for whatever reason you create to please yourself, then you support anti-Semitism, terror, and by default, death. If you choose the latter, then you have chosen to abandon your people. In our war there is only black and white; we all need to make sure we’re choosing wisely.

About the Author
Ben is a student at the University of Maryland majoring in Middle Eastern History and Global Terrorism. He is an avid reader, history buff and a self confessed news junkie. He is counting the days until he makes aliyah upon the completion of his degree.