Susie Dym
Susie Dym

Black Cab – The New Anti-Jewish Symbol

The black umbrella of 1938, about which more anon, has been augmented by the new anti-Jewish symbol of 2017 — the black cab.

A sinister Palestinian-Arab anti-Balfour-Declaration campaign has lately been plastered on 50 or so black cabs in London. If you are a Jew who is proud of your heritage including the Jewish homeland (Land of Israel, or “Palestine” (the Roman name)), you really must develop the ability to explain to your fellow-citizens exactly what is wrong here. Because if you don’t give your fellow-citizens the facts – no-one else will. And that ignorance, spreading throughout Great Britain and the West, will quickly come back to bite you and yours. For many, it already has.

Scroll back to 1938. Chamberlain — and his eerie black umbrella — returns to England from a wonderfully productive meeting with Hitler.

The black umbrella quickly becomes a “symbol of …gentlemanly ineffectiveness … an embarrassing symbol of political weakness,” as the BBC puts it.

“Embarrassing”? For us Jews, Chamberlain’s black umbrella was and is a sinister symbol of 6 million dead.

Now back to the black-taxi campaign. The black taxis are being used as a new anti-Jewish symbol. Their job is to induce a busy British public to believe that the land of the “Palestinians” was confiscated and given to the Jews in a totally unfair manner. (Is this true?? Read on below…)This was “British” foreign policy, Palestinian Arabs say, conveniently omitting to mention that the entire international community, and not Great Britain alone, ratified the contents of the famous Declaration originally penned by England’s Lord Balfour.

The black-cab campaign shows images of Palestinians who are ”leading ordinary lives before their dispossession” versus “victims of war and occupation” after Balfour. Granting the Jewish homeland in Palestine destroyed “our thriving and developing society”! the Palestinian Arabs cry. No-one compares the life expectancy or infant mortality of literacy statistics of the Arab population in the Land of Israel/Palestine – then and now.

The “Palestinians” are insisting now, 100 years later, that the current British government should “accept its moral responsibilities” (sic) and recognize a spanking new, “Palestinian state” – just a bike-ride away from Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Israel’s sole international airport. What the Palestinian Arabs fail to mention is that there already is an Arab state in “Palestine” (Eretz Yisrael) — in Jordan – and it is 3 times the size of the Jewish state in the Land of Israel/Palestine (including the critical Judea-Samaria region which all the fuss is about).

Worst of all however is the systematic synthesis of an entire belief-system insisting that the “Palestinians” are the sad victims of terrible, unfair and historical injustice. For which, of course, the Jews are to blame. Was the land of the “Palestinians” indeed confiscated and given to the Jews in a totally unfair manner?? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fairness and historical justice were exactly the motivation behind the creation of new nation-states from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, post World-War I. Rather than divide up the spoils between the large countries who vanquished the failed Turkish empire in the First World War, which is what would have been done as a matter of course throughout the centuries, the countries of the world formed a world-wide body (the League of Nations – precursor of the UN) and tried to set up new states, in the Middle East, which would provide “self-determination” to the local indigenous peoples, rather than grabbing the Turkish territory for themselves (for the countries that already existed). This, then, was not imperialism, it was the exact opposite. Among the peoples of the Middle East (former Turkish empire) to benefit from this new approach was of course the Jewish nation, one of the most ancient and most dispersed nations in the world, which had adhered for centuries to its unique religion, culture and language. The Jewish nation had also suffered for centuries from terrible persecution, since this was a nation which was a minority everywhere. However the Middle Eastern nation which benefitted most was the ancient Arab nation which was generously – not merely fairly and justly — recognized as sovereign over 20 states (!). These were/are sparsely populated and cover 13 million (!) square kilometers in total.

For example, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen were all established in that period to facilitate Arab self- determination. All of these were and are far, far less densely populated than Israel. In all of these countries the population density today is:

  • between 14 to 110 members of the Arab nation per square kilometer, as compared to
  • 143 members of the Chinese nation per square kilometer in China, and
  • 393 (!) members of the nation of Israel (the Jews) per square kilometer in tiny Israel!

In other words, the ancient Arab nation is, territorially, one of the best-endowed nations in the world. The Arab nation has more countries, and their countries are less crowded, than practically any other nation.

And generally speaking, there is no reason to begrudge the Arab nation their generous territorial allotment, because the Arab nation is a real nation and has been for centuries, just like the Jews and the Chinese. The Arab nation has a religion, a language, and a culture. The Arab nation also has a history of achievements, again just like the Jews, Chinese and other nations. For example, in the year 1,000, the Arab doctor Al Zahrawi wrote a 1,500 page encyclopedia of surgery that was Europe’s medical bible for 500 years. Al-Zahrawi invented dissolving cat gut as a material with which wounds could be sewn up, for example. Coffee (the beverage) was invented by the Arab nation in the 9th century and reached the Western world only centuries later. The first primitive airplane was built by Abbas ibn Firnas in the 9th century, hundreds of years before Leonardo da Vinci and the Wright Brothers. The first degree-granting university was not founded by an Arab man – but it was , surprisingly enough, founded by an Arab woman (Fatima al-Firhi, in , Morocco, in 859). Algebra was promoted by an Arab mathematician in “Kitab al-Jabr Wa l-Mugabala”, a 9th century scholarly work which, among other things, pioneered the use of powers (2 to the power of 3 equals 8, and so forth), without which modern physics and computer science would be nowhere. In the year 1000 an Arab scientist proved that light reflects off objects and enters our eyes — whereas the more famous Euclid and Ptolemy had insisted, wrongly, that the human eye generates light. Tooth-brushing was a teaching of the Prophet Mohammed – as early as the year 600, based on essence from the Meswak tree still used in toothpastes today. Hospitals originated in 9th century Egypt, many centuries before Florence Nightingale was born, and the crank-connecting rod system was developed by an Arab inventor in the 12th century, fortunately for those of us today who enjoy riding bicycles or rely on internal combustion engines..

True, the Arab nation was not the only and sole Middle-Eastern nation that was given an opportunity for self-determination. Seeking fairness and historical justice, the international community also unanimously and irrevocably recognized the Jewish nation’s ancient connection to its homeland Eretz Yisrael — or by its much later, foreign (Roman) name – Palestine. The organization which effected this commitment was the League of Nations — whose commitment to the Jewish people was later passed on to the United Nations (the UN Charter’s famous Article 80). The entire League of Nations – 51 countries – unanimously declared on 24 July 1922 that “recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine”. “Palestine” here included the historical region of Judea-Shomron as well as Palestine’s eastern region (today’s Kingdom of Jordan).

But this international commitment to the Jews still left 99% of the Middle East in the hands of the ancient Arab nation. Ample historical justice and fairness was shown, then, to the ancient Arab nation – and it is to this nation, that 100% of today’s “Palestinians” belong. Denying that 100% of the “Palestinians” are members of the Arab nation – which unlike tiny Israel has 20 countries at its disposal – is just as absurd as denying the connection between the Great Wall of China and China.

It is injurious to the Jewish people’s honor and reputation to suggest that establishing a so-called “Palestinian state” in historical Judea-Shomron expresses “fairness and historical justice”. There is nothing more un-fair or historically un-just than the aggressive theory that suddenly, apart from the historical Chinese, Jewish and Arab nations, there is also a separate “Palestinian nation” that requires its own state – and that of course, at the expense of the Jewish nation’s tiny sole territorial allotment. Today’s “Palestinian” Arabs have no unique religion, language, history or origin that distinguishes them, in particular, from the Arab nation as a whole hence do not need yet another state as a matter of either fairness or historical justice — in distinct and direct contrast to the ancient Jewish people which does require their own viable state and homeland. And the State of Israel can only remain viable, if it remains in control of, and sovereign over, strategic Judea-Samaria.

As Israel’s Prime Minister has pointed out, the ancient Chinese people are called Chinese because they come from China and the ancient Jewish people are called Jews because they come from Judea. Judea-Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”) is the Jewish nation’s ancestral homeland. Jews are not foreign colonialists in Judea.

To suggest that “historical justice” requires rending the tiny Jewish state asunder, throwing to the winds international territorial commitments to the Jewish people which included the “West Bank” (Judea-Samaria i.e.), and leaving our ancient people with indefensible borders in such a hostile neighborhood, is so offensive that every proud Jew must take action. Mental action, to begin with, before we again find that it is too late, and that our mental neglect of the “Palestinian narrative” elephant in the room has once again, as other such elephants have in the past, risen up to strike down our own children and communities, in Israel to an extent as well but chiefly – in the Diaspora.

About the Author
Susie Dym is a London-born, English-speaking Israeli. By profession, she's a patent attorney in Israel’s private and defense industries. She also has over 20 years of experience in public affairs including introducing the Israeli parliament to the novel concept of achievement orientation by masterminding the Mattot Arim reports. She still serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992, and is well connected to Israeli public figures in government and media.