Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

Jihad at your door

There is a black wave of death spreading hard and fast across the Middle East. Its name is Islamic State (was ISIL & ISIS).

Islamic State terrorist convoy




Taking over large swaths of land, strategic locations and resources, armed with tremendous firepower, funds, and a lust for blood and death, it is the ultimate manifestation of what has been allowed to fester and flourish around the world– radical Islam.

It thrives in Europe. Africa is choked by it. America is oblivious to it and may one day wake to find that is has already drowned in it.

You can see it in

Crucifixions in Syria- Displayed for kids to seeGIrls kidnapped from school and forced into marriages in Nigeria; Jews attacked regularly in FranceBritish soldiers hacked to death on the streets of London; Hundreds of murdered Iraqi soldiersDead and decapitated women; UK doctors being trained in female genital mutilation, and British citizens flying the black flags of IS in a London tunnel (see video)

Maybe you haven’t heard of these things. Or maybe you’ve heard only some of them.

Maybe you were too busy protesting the one democracy in the Middle East actively engaged in fighting its local Jihadi offshoot.

“I don’t see any attention from the rest of the world,” a member of the Yazidi minority in Iraq told the New Yorker. “In one day, they killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, ‘Save Gaza, save Gaza.'”

Perhaps you don’t feel that there is a connection between the genocide of Christians in Iraq, where children are beheaded, mothers are raped and fathers are shot, where tens of thousands of people of an ancient religion are left to die on a mountain top, and events around the world such as children shot dead in a schoolyard in France, the fall of the twin towers, the Boston marathon bombing, the alarming Muslim riots in Paris, and demonstrations calling for refusal to heed local law in Europe.

Perhaps you feel that this barbarianism will be contained to that flaming region called the Middle East.

Perhaps you feel that this could never happen where you live.

If you believe any of the above, you are living in a very precarious bubble of ignorance.

In this video, a young British woman is witness to the loss of her hometown to Muslims who claim they do not need to listen to local, infidel law and call for death of UK police.

The right to immigrate to a new land is a basic one, but when the people coming into a land are inherently against freedom, democracy, and human rights, when the laws they live by justify decapitating men, raping and stoning women, and mutilating little girls, when they disregard the rules of the land in which they live, it is no longer an issue of tolerance or political correctness. It is a battle for the very fabric of life.

This is an enemy that cannot be reasoned with: their glory is death, their legacy measured in blood of infidels.

There is nothing to negotiate, nothing to placate, nothing that will take the place of their goal of total domination, a world submissive to Sharia law enforced by the sword.

In this world:

Gays will die.

Homosexuals being hanged

Girls will be mutilated and married off.

Nigerian mother holds a picture of her kidnapped daughter- the girls are reportedly raped multiple times a day, some killed, some married off.

Women will be subjugated.

Women in radical Islam

Boys will be taught the glory of death.

Islamic Jihad parade


There can be no restraint when fighting for your life. The aggressor makes the rules and their rules are clear: You submit or you die.

This is an enemy that cannot be defeated. It can only be destroyed. 

Make no mistake-

If the civilized world does not wake up and fight by these rules, then the civilized world will die by them.

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