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By the Grace of G-d


Biden moved two aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean. The US is shooting down Yemenite missiles headed for Israel. Despite backlash from many Democrats and much of the world, Biden is not pushing for a permanent ceasefire. Recently he bypassed Congress, and sent tank rounds directly to Israel. A senior Israeli official described US support as extraordinary.

At first there were many demonstrations against Israel worldwide, but it seems that lately there are much less. A lot of countries demanded a permanent ceasefire, but Israel refuses. There were antisemitic protests on US college campuses, but after pressure from Congress and influential donors, numerous colleges are now clamping down. Biden insists that after Hamas is destroyed, there should be two states, with the PA ruling Gaza, but Netanyahu said no.

These days, Israelis are being adamant. They see that Hamas is pure evil, and they realize that the only way to deal with evil, is not through negotiation, not through containment, not through hoping that Hamas will be happy with economic benefit, but to obliterate it. And Israel is taking the time it needs to finish off Hamas.

The Jewish nation, united, is not afraid of the world, and Israelis are passionately determined to protect their G-d given land. Jews are increasingly realizing that the Torah is right, that to protect Jewish lives, Israel cannot give away any land. And that fulfilling G-d’s commandments opens wide channels to receive His blessings.

Indeed it behooves the nations of the world to bless Israel. G-d told Abraham (Genesis 12; 3) “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse the one who curses you, and all the families on earth will be blessed because of you.”

According to news reports, yesterday a member of Turkey’s parliament made an impassioned speech against Israel, and towards the end of his speech he uttered a curse. As he was leaving the podium, he collapsed with a heart attack.

Could it be that this is a fulfillment of what G-d told Abraham? Perhaps the world can learn from this, that they are better off blessing the Jewish people.

Daniel (7; 13-14) describes a night vision. He sees someone that looks like a person being brought in clouds up to G-d. And G-d gives this person eternal rulership over all the nations.

The commentary Rashi explains, that this refers to Moshiach, and also the Jewish people. Meaning, that Moshiach and the Jewish nation, closely connected to G-d, will rule forever.

The complete Redemption seems imminent. Evil is about to be eradicated. World peace is on the horizon. A world of peace and blessing.

May it happen very soon.

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