Bloomer or Doomer?

Hava Nagila stamp
Hava Nagila stamp

Bloomer or doomer?

Go and ask    Chuck Schumer.


If this doesn’t make sense

go and ask     Mike Pence.


The bloomer has humour

the doomer has ‘exhumer’.                  *(disinter)

The bloomer has breath

the doomer has death.


The focus is on the nation

for a Jew;   the first station.


From me to we;

it just had to be.


Singing the Psalms

‘mode ani’;                     *(Hebrew: “I offer thanks to You”.)

with open palms

happy ‘yaani’?                 *(Arabic)


Gathered around the ’tish’                           *(Yiddish: literally “table”)

yidden eating gefilte fish;                           * (Jews eating stuffed fish)

none of them want to miss

singing ‘Ashrei ha’ish’.                  *(Hebrew: “Praiseworthy is the man”.)


Reb Yankel

said to Frankel

in a small shtetl

where they couldn’t settle:

“If you are a doomer

mashiach will come sooner.”               *(Hebrew word for “Messiah”)


Let us rejoice                                         * (Nagila נָגִילָה)

with a strong voice;

and be glad                                           *(V’nismecha bo וְנִשְׂמְחָה בוֹ)

which isn’t too bad.

The poem can be read in this PDF (click here): Bloomer or Doomer?

About the Author
From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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