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By the Grace of G-d

Book of Daniel Might Be Describing Current Events

Let’s start with the second chapter. King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that he can’t remember. He summons his advisers and magicians and demands that they tell him the dream and its interpretation. They reply that it’s not possible to tell him the dream. He threatens to kill them, and he gives orders to start executing them.

Daniel finds out about this, and he asks the king to give him time to fulfil the king’s request. Daniel then prays, and G-d reveals to him the dream and its interpretation.

Daniel then goes to the king, and tells him that in the dream there was a huge statue, with a gold head; the arms and upper body were of silver; a copper stomach and thighs; iron legs; and feet made of iron and earthenware. Then a stone comes off a mountain, hits the feet and crumbles it, and the whole statue crumbles and becomes like chaff that disperses. The stone then fills the entire world.

Daniel then interpreted. The gold head is Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. The other materials represent subsequent kingdoms. The feet and toes, composed of iron and earthenware, allude to people who will mingle but won’t merge. The stone refers to the final kingdom that will crumble the others, and will rule forever.

Numerous commentaries say that the iron is the Roman empire, which was the forbearer of Western Society. And the earthenware symbolizes the Eastern Muslim nations. The stone represents Moshiach, who will usher in the final Redemption.

These days, many Muslims immigrated to Western countries (iron and earthenware mingling), but the Muslims seem to have, to a large degree, maintained their identity and not assimilate (the iron and earthenware didn’t merge).

And that’s when Moshiach (as represented by the stone) comes, crumbles false ideologies (which foster immorality, rising crime and murderous fanaticism etc.), and brings an awareness of G-d to the entire world, so that very soon all of mankind will serve Him together.

And then G-d’s Dominion will be forever.

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