Boycotting the boycotters: defeating a fifth column.

The BDS tactics of anti-Israel groups always capture mainstream media attention. Whether its a group of underprivileged Ivy league students and impoverished academics or “has-been” rock stars and performers looking for any kind of PR, boycotting Israel has become very fashionable. However, these movements are beginning to backfire. UC Davis declared its intention to boycott Israel. Fortunately wiser heads prevailed

Social media now speeds photos of demonstrating students on the green, (cutting class), aging rock stars hoping to gain attention, and passe’ celebrities hoping to jump-start stalled careers to the computers of alumni, influential financiers and others. Many of these have the experience and maturity to discern that Israel is holding the line against the advance of The Caliphate and the rising numbers of groups pledging allegiance.

Even church denominations are following their own political goals and are rewriting the Bible to play power games. The Presbyterian Church is also in the middle of a controversial schism over acceptance of same sex marriage. Apparently Bible reading is now boycotted since the numbers of citations to Israel, Jerusalem and The Almighty’s abhorrence of same sex relations are very numerous. The church has even suggested eliminating any mention of “Israel” in its own program of highly subjective prayer. The Bible is not a book of suggestions, no matter what the congregation may think. Good luck on Judgment Day, folks.

The other morning the Homeland Defense Chief of the US announced that an ISIS/Caliphate branch from Somalia (remember “Blackhawk Down” ?) has declared its plans to attack the monumental Mall of America in Minnesota. The Mall is a medium-sized commerce city that borders the Minneapolis Airport, an international hub. Other targets were mentioned. Just recently the same DHS Chief declared right wing extremists (as he defines them) in America as a greater threat than Muslim armed groups. Add to this the ultimate danger of climate change and we are in for it. Thankfully the Obama Administration is training Iraqi recruits to attack and retake cities lost to The Caliphate as the previous “junior varsity” raged across Iraq and Syria and took areas and cities captured in the Iraq War of the 2003-13 period. Until then we need to hire more “mall cops”. Boycotts give aid and comfort to the enemy.

Until the Jihaders arrive in Minnesota, we can wage the digital war with the boycotters by turning their words against them. All’s fair in love and war and especially in basic survival. Boycotting boycotters is an excellent way to confront them with the circumstances of immature decisions. In academia the privileged classes of students and faculty are usually sequestered from the worries of the real world by trust funds, parents’ deposits in ATM accounts, Government grants and scholarships. Perhaps if funding in the form of donations by aware Israel-supporting alumni dried up reality might intrude its way into fantasyland. Baby-boomer faculty who are now tenured and teaching their long cherished radical ’60’s ideas to vulnerable students might find their paychecks have less in them if alumni support and divestiture take effect. Having to actually work a day job might change a few minds. Also a decision to not hire any graduates of the boycotting institutions for any period of BDS might also get the message out. It’s your company and you can hire to your specifications.

If you attend rock concerts or support any of the 700 boycotting artists in the UK, stop buying tickets. Their PR agents will get the message when empty concert halls, drops in downloads and other career “issues” begin to make their impact. Performers are wholly dependant on audiences. Fewer people in the audience are an effective way to get them to change their minds. Nobody owes you a living you have to earn it.

If your denomination decides to boycott Israel, make a Biblical decision to confront respectfully the clergy and congregation and remind them of the many passages and verses regarding Israel. If they don’t get the message, find a church that actually reads and teaches the Bible.

We are at war. That’s obvious to anyone who thinks, reasons and reads. The enemy will not negotiate or write treaties. The Caliphate, whether in Syria/Iraq or Iran wants to bring on the time of The Mahdi and present him with a world submitted to Islam and Sharia. I for one, say “no”. The United States has decided to capitulate and is not capable to lead. The BDS movement is a 5th column in the Jihad, insidious, traitorous and partnered with the enemy. We can fight the 5th column and be a serious part of the life or death struggle that grows more violent every day. Start by boycotting the boycotters.

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