Boys with Toys

Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, October (photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)‘Palestinians in Gaza said to test long-range rocket. Hamas’s M-75 missile has a range of about 80 kilometers and can reach much of the Tel Aviv area and Jerusalem’ Times of Israel: New Years Eve



Is this one of those ‘boys with toys’ things or do these missiles have some strategic value in themselves?

Likely it’s just another piece of phallic symbolism, something to put on display every time the male ego needs boosting and then hidden away again whenever bigger, more potent weaponry appears on the scene.

Throughout the ages, mankind has engaged in wars and battles of every type and composition. Yet nothing really new or radical has entered into the field of human conflict in all that time. There is still that innate impulse to strike at the enemy with whatever means are to hand, even if using such means only invites massive retaliation and disaster in response.

In this, the 21st century and at the start of a brand new year, is it really so difficult to imagine a little more enterprise and sophistication being used to fight or, better still, to eliminate every form of warfare known to man? At the very least, it should be made much more difficult to indulge our primitive passions for confrontation and violent dispute every time the opportunity arises. Which, sad to say, has tended to happen far too frequently throughout our long and troubled history.

Here is a unique chance for all human beings to demonstrate that we are not eternal slaves to our moments of blind rage and tribal allegiances. We are now able to do better than before. And much better if we put our minds to the task and not let our fears and hatred rule our heads.

And, best of all, this battle need only be fought and won within the confines of our own collective consciousness; whatever physical aspects exist are almost all outside that realm and thus far removed from having any impact or presence inside it.

‘Boys with toys’ or ‘Men with new ideas’ – there is a choice.

But will 2014 be the year in which we all decide to make it?


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