Breaking the Silence

I am not fond of any conspiracy notion but the “Breaking the Silence” non-for-profit group seems to be too good to be true. Here former soldiers have an aim to expose the commands of their superior officers with regards to amoral activities against Palestinians. They are supported openly by other left wing groups while right wing groups have accused them of being funded by Palestinians. However no names of the officers have been mentioned. So here goes:

  • If the “Breaking the Silence” group is true then they will reveal the names, and these officers will be prosecuted.
  • In doing so, it will be revealed that these officers were acting alone, maybe out of madness, and didn’t receive orders from the Chief of Staff or the Prime Minister.
  • Namely there was no military or political chain of command for systemic amoral orders.
  • I certainly never gave an amoral order, nor did I receive one, nor did anyone I know?
  • Do you know someone who gave or received an amoral order?
  • Hence the State of Israel will be able to prove that it is moral in not giving such orders
  • Namely the officers were acting alone.
  • Namely the State of Israel is willing and able to prove that it will prosecute for any amoral orders.
  • If the group is fabricating the stories then they will not be able to provide any names.
  • Hence the State of Israel will be able to prove that it is moral; the officers and their orders didn’t exist.
  • So maybe the “Breaking the Silence” non-for-profit group is actually an undercover government group.
  • By bringing attention to a topic, amoral orders; the topic can be disproved and hence the State of Israel can show it has the most moral army.
  • On the other hand the “Breaking the Silence” group may be an undercover right wing group.
  • In the same light as above, it is supported openly by left wing groups.
  • In the event of a trial or when no names are forthcoming; then the left wing groups will lose their credibility by having rumour mongered based upon sparse individual actions or false information.

SO PLEASE — take us out of suspense — PLEASE “Breaking the Silence” group give us the names of those officers who gave amoral orders with regards to amoral activities against Palestinians. Let the due legal process take its course to prove that the State of Israel has a moral army.

About the Author
Dr Glen Segell is Fellow at the Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies, University of Haifa.
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