Bring back the British Mandate of Palestine

Dirty. Rude. Lack of education. Illiteracy. Ugly. Primitive. Corrupt. Poor. Barbaric.

Are these really attributes that a 70-year established Jewish state should be proud of when considering what most residents of Western origin (whether Olim or Tzabarim that are grandchildren of the pioneers) think of their own country and the lion’s share of its populace?

The last ten years has been a decade of dramatic demographic shift away from the westernized and prosperous land that was envisaged by many of its original population toward a brutal and barbaric Middle Eastern jungle that has sent a large number of Olim packing, alienated a large number of well educated Tzabarim who now reside in Golders Green, Fort Lauderdale and Williamsburg, taking their good manners, education and first class careers with them.

Those who appear to stay do not work here or conduct their mainstream business here. They (myself included) do it all in America or Britain.

Quite simply, for Jewish people with proper Jewish values and education, Israel is completely uninhabitable and its culture unpalatable to a Western mind, and is not conducive to providing Western children with a proper environment for development, success and freedom.

Instead, it is a repressive, primitive and aggressive place from the classroom to the street to the workplace, the overlying culture being completely Middle-Eastern.

Brainwashing pervades every aspect of life, from the filtering of news to the utter nonsense that Israel provides the world with all of its technological and culinary needs. You cannot even buy a chicken in a supermarket that is not rotten, and should you dare complain, the checkout cashier will metaphorically rip your head off.

Fixing this catastrophic social cancer and “ars” society where no skills exist, no global enterprise exists and nobody has a genuine career is very easy, however.

Simply abolish the independent State of Israel and re-establish the British colony under the Mandate.

A British Mandate of today would be very different to the pre-1948 British Mandate however, because today we have a fully built nation which is home to 8 million people.

Here are my proposals for a modern day British colony for Jewish people, and it is very possible that adopting this system would not only cure Israel’s terminal problems, but would propel it into the future as a dignified, intelligent and proud nation of civilized people.

1) Abolish Yom HaAtzmaut and repeal the State’s declaration of Independence. David Ben-Gurion, for all of his intelligence, sewed the seed of destruction from the very beginning by wilfully throwing away Western culture and encouraging people to adopt Middle Eastern ways.

2) Abolish the Knesset, and in future there would be no Israeli prime minister or president. Instead, the State of Israel would become a British Overseas Territory under the Queen, and would be a subject of the Royal Family. The government would be the current British government and would be administered by 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament as part of the United Kingdom. Voters would vote for British political parties. The current Prime Minister would be Theresa May. Under this system, Israel would have a Commissioner for the Mandate who would be a British Jewish citizen stationed in Jerusalem to represent Israel in the British House of Commons, and would have the same remit as a British Member of Parliament for any other county or city in the UK.

3) The Israeli education system would be abolished and replaced with the British National Curriculum for publicly funded schools, and the market would be opened further to encourage British and American private schools to establish branches in Israel. Bagrut would be replaced with world-recognized GCSEs and A-levels, and university entrance would be assessed and rewarded on the same principle as those educated and residing in mainland United Kingdom. This would ensure Israel joins the ‘first world’ and that its future adult population has a very good chance of success. Not only that but it would engender politeness, manners, sophistication, literary genius, dignified business ethic, courtesy, respect for others. The only amendment to the standard curriculum would be to add 30 minutes per day of compulsory Torah, Talmud and Halacha study.

4) The Hebrew language would be replaced by British English as a national language, and Hebrew and Arabic would be used for classical study, religious liturgy and use as a second language. Aligning itself with the British school system would require English to be the de facto study language for all citizens, whether Jewish, Arab or otherwise. A nation the size of Israel cannot survive with its current population which barely understands even basic English. The brainwashing that prevails in mocking “stupid Americans” or “ignorant British” would stop immediately and the currently imprisoned population of subservient abuse-takers would become empowered, educated members of a global society, and could be proud of being Jewish AND participate in world affairs.

5) Racism. EXTREME sanctions would be placed on anyone, especially those of middle eastern origin, who engage in racist coercion of fellow citizens. The word “Ashkenazi” as a perjorative would be subject to extreme criminal punishment for any person or group engaging in such unacceptable behavior. The current tribal mentality that holds this country well and truly in the third world would stop immediately. Any employers, school staff, parents, colleagues or officials caught engaging in the sort of racially aggravated everyday behavior that emanates from every street in this country would be punished severely, with 10 year jail sentences for any such activity that causes financial, physical or social damage to any resident regardless of creed or color.

6) Abolish the IDF. National service and the associated brainwashing in schools that makes teenagers angry, powerless and subservient would cease immediately. The country’s security interests would be provided by the British Colonial Armed Forces (As was the case in Hong Kong and Cyprus among others) and intelligence would be conducted by MI6 in London. Senior Mossad Agents would report to MI6 and work alongside MI6 with London as their base. Children growing up in Israel would be free from the anger and aggression that is bestowed upon them by their parents and peers which creates an environment of tribal hatred that will never drive the country forward. Instead they would self-empower, and the security of this (incredibly safe) country would be handled by proper world superpowers with proper abilities on a world stage. Jewish residents of British Israel would be able to volunteer for the army if they wish and would serve in the Israel unit of the British Army and be subject to British rules.

7) NO Israelis without British citizenship would be allowed to serve in any position of ultimate power. The Chief Police Commissioner, the Education Minister, all hospital management and all senior executives of privately held Israeli businesses with over 100 staff would by law have to be British. The companies then employ Israeli middle management and general employees, but the whole structure would be operated, whether private or public sector, by British officials.

8) Any company wishing to list its stock must do so on the London Stock Exchange and be subject, via audit, to the entry and maintanence conditions stipulated by the London Stock Exchange and would have to make publicly available reports every month, stating everything from financial performance to internal corporate decisions, signed off by proper auditors (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, EY, etc).

9) All Israeli banks would be closed down and the Bank of Israel abolished. The British Pound would become the national currency and British banks (HSBC, Lloyds, Halifax, Barclays) would take care of branch banking and commercial banking, under the supervision of the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulatory Authority. All banks would have to make public reports every month, just as is the case in mainland United Kingdom, and would be subject to responsibility to shareholders under British law for any decision made before proceeding.

10) Monopolies and Mergers would be handled by the British government’s Monopolies and Mergers Commission. This would end the cartels and closed market, and open it up to a global trade alliance with every nation on earth. Owners of Supersal/Mega and other such entities would be deposed of their positions, their companies closed down and replaced by Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons, ASDA, and Marks & Spencer, with Kashrut authorities working with dedicated departments of those supermarkets. Owners of deposed Israeli supermarkets and retail stores would then be investigated for any fraud or corruption and charged accordingly, with restitution to customers where necessary.

11) Driving would be strictly policed and any aggressive, coercive or dangerous driving would be prosecutable by jail sentence with a permanent driving ban for those engaging in it. Roads are a method of getting from one place to another, not a place for people to indulge in tribal hatred or ‘honor and force’ related thuggery.

12) Israel’s police department would be abolished and existing police officers would be either retrained by the British Police to conduct their profession according to the British judicial/law and order system, or made redundant. Those with no proficiency in the English language would be made redundant or asked to serve in a non-community facing administrative role.
Any police officer caught actively racially abusing Olim, or racially abusing tzabarim according to their Mizrahi/Ashkenazi origin will be jailed. Any police officer engaging in corruption or favoritism would be jailed.

13) The Tel Aviv stock exchange would be closed down and liquidated. The London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) would replace it, and all decisions according to Israel’s listed businesses would be made by the London Stock Exchange’s board of executive directors.

14) Town planning and architectural design, along with the issuing of licenses to construction companies would be handled by the National Home Builders Commission in England, ending the fraudulent taking of people’s money for apartments never built, and putting an end to the appalling concrete hellhole that calls itself a country. People may actually want to live here, and treat it with respect if it actually looked like a civilized country.

15) Littering and abuse of private and public property, including graffiti, the throwing of garbage onto the street, defacing private or public property would be punishable in court with severe restitutions to owners being handed down to perpetrators, who, if they do not pay the restitutions, would be jailed.

16) Public confrontation of other people, intimidation, threatening behavior in schools, offices or public places would result in jail for over 18s and severe child correctional punishment for minors. Shouting and abusing people in public, on the roads, in workplaces or schools would come under this category also.

Under its current barbarous modus operandi, there is a nation that cannot survive – not least because its own sensible residents cannot stand to live here, but because without civility and proper rule of law, there is no point continuing. Thus, my plan would provide a good future for everyone. Thus the only way to elevate Israel to the standard of the diaspora, is for it to emulate the diaspora rather than pointlessly rail against it.

About the Author
Andrew Saks-McLeod is a professional journalist, born in the UK in 1976, with 23 years industry experience in the high technology sector. He is a regular speaker on technological matters on TV.
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