Bring Canaans Back to Canaan

In 1969 a young Myrna Shiboleth made Aliyah to Israel and settled in an abandoned shack from British Mandate Palestine, ruined property which she single-handedly restored to living conditions. Upon her arrival in Israel it was her one sole intent to breed a dog which had been declared by the Israel Animal Association as the national dog of Israel.

It is one of the oldest breeds of dogs anywhere in the world and due to its major location when discovered was given the name Kelev K’naani, the Canaan dog.

Its origin can be documented for thousands of years and some consider it to be descended from the wild dogs who accompanied Moses and the Israelite slaves out of Egypt en route to God’s promised land of Canaan.

The dogs had survived for centuries in the desert areas of Israel and Jordan and were often found in isolated Beduin settlements where they were used as sheep herders and protectors of land and animals.

Seven years ago my daughter adopted a three-month old female Canaan puppy whom she named Atara Carmit. In the seven years she has lived with us not a second of a minute of a day of a month, of a year have we ever regretted making her the central attraction in our home.

For me, Carmit who lies on my bed at night, is not simply a four-legged animal with a very curled-up tail.

She is to me my baby girl and I am her old grand-paw. The love between her and the members of my family is simply indescribable.

Myrna Shibboleth has published the encyclopedia of the origin and history of the Canaan dog. She has been regarded by almost all dog associations world-wide as the primary authority of the Canaan dog.

But tragedy struck in Israel in 2015 when the Israel Lands Authority forced her to close the famous Shaar Hagai kennels, close to Jerusalem, for years of failure to pay land taxes. Myrna went to court and produced more than 40 years of payments made to the Mekorot water company who she believed was the owner of the property on which her kennel was located.

The ILA (Israel Lands Authority) disputed Myrna’s claims and evidence proving that Mekorot was not the legitimate owner of the territory and therefore the courts ruled in favor of the ILA’s claims.

Myrna was forced to abandon her kennels at Shaar Hagai. Without sufficient money to buy new land for herself and her Canaan dogs and puppies she appealed to the Israeli public for help by contributions which could save her from eviction.

The Israeli public remained mostly silent and funds were not forthcoming. In great despair, Myrna the mother of our national dog breed, was forced to leave her home of 46 years in Israel and find refuge with her beloved dogs in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Now at an advanced age in years Myrna wants to return with her “babies” to Israel to be re-united with her children and grandchildren.Once again, she is appealing to the dog-lovers of Israel to help her to pay for the return trip and transport of Israel’s beloved national dog.

If anyone can suggest a small territory in which she may house and breed the world-renowned Kelev Cnaani, an important part of Israel’s thousands of years of history, please send information by e-mail contact to Myrna at:

Save a half-century of preserving Israeli history. Save thousands of years of our ancient history. Save our national dog as a representative of Israel across the world. A constant prize-winner in our nation’s name.

And if our prized grand-dogger Carmit could thank you in the name of her brothers and sisters, you might be blessed to hear her historic shout: woof woof woof, bow-wow-wow and hav-hav-hav.

Bring Myrna and the Canaans back to the Canaan of their birth. You will be returning ancient Jewish history to its modern Jewish world.

And the Canaan dogs whom you save will bark their gratitude to you forever. Well—-almost forever. Occasionally they have to sleep.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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