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‘Bring Our Sunshine Back!’

Israeli Climate Movement rallies in support of hostage families
The Israeli climate movement embraces the hostage families. Image courtesy of Green Course.
The Israeli climate movement embraces the hostage families. Image courtesy of Green Course.

This Sunday, which marks the 75th International Human Rights Day, the Israeli climate movement will gather in support of the release of hostages kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7th attack.

The October 7th attack, which took the lives of 1200 Israelis and foreign nationals, tore apart many families, with hundreds kidnapped by Hamas. Hostages were taken regardless of race, gender, age, religion, disability or health conditions. This Sunday (December 10th), will mark the 75th International Human Rights Day. The Israeli climate movement will gather in Tel Aviv’s ‘Hostage Square’ at 17:30, joining the hostage families’ outcry to free their loved ones.

Speakers at the rally will include family members of hostages, as well as individuals in the climate movement who were affected by the October 7th attack. The rally will end with a performance art display of a giant sun, with demonstrators holding yellow umbrellas and a banner that reads “Bring our sunshine back!”. Over 25 Israeli climate organizations will attend, including: Green Course.

Elad Hochman, executive director of Green Course said “This rally is our duty as Israelis, Jews and members of the environmental movement. Our values that call for equality, justice and civil and social involvement oblige us to stand by the families of the hostages and shout their clear and just cry – bring them all home, now!”

Israel – which has 800+ climate start ups — is on the frontlines of fighting climate change. In energy, agriculture, infrastructure, AI, foodtech and other fields, Israelis are working to unlock the potential of imagination and science. Much of that work, however, has been paused as many climate leaders were killed, taken hostage or got called into military service.

Prior to the Hamas attack, Israel was planning to send 1000+ climate leaders to the global climate conference, COP. However, due Hamas terrorism, the ongoing crisis, and antsemitic threats, only 28 Israelis were able to go to COP. This was a big loss for the global climate movement which benefits from Israeli innovations to find and implement solutions to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases and climate damage before it is too late.

It is vital to get the hostages back and for security to return so that all people can have a better and more sustainable future.

Partners in the rally also include Life and environment, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Greenpeace Israel, Strike for Future-Israel, Adam Teva v’din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense), Zalul, Heschel center, Homeland guards, The Israeli Energy Forum, The student association for the climate, Said Al Harumi project, SDG ISRAEL, Parents for climate, Teachers for climate, Saving the mountains of Jerusalem, Red Bee Shield, The Israeli Forum for Urbanism and Green Jerusalem, Healthy Cities Network, Want to live without mines – Arad phosphates, Climate net, 2B.FRIENDLY, freedom for the animals, in our hands.

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